Mind Alchemy Day 14 – Catch up day

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<strong>Update:</strong> Please click on this link for more information about <a href="" target="_blank">The new Mind Alchemy course</a>. All the links to the downloads have now been removed. I would like to thank all 800+ readers who expressed an interest in this course and for everyone who completed the course the first time round, it is becasue of you I could make the course better.


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Welcome to day 14 of Mind Alchemy.

Today is another catch up day.   This is to help you catch up on anything you have missed or want to revisit over the last few weeks.

We are now half way through the course and now would be a good time to   ask any questions about any aspect of the course here, or just let me know how you are getting on with the course.   From the Facebook group page, some are finding it tough going at the start but it seems to be getting easier – how do you feel about it?

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Have a great catch up day or chill out day.


Tomorrow we will be looking at affirmations and how we can use them to inject some more outcome oriented thoughts into our lives.

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