Matching Vibrational Energy

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I have always been interested in the Law of Attraction, but always found there was something missing with it.   It's only in the last 5 months that I believe I have found out what's  missing, and the results of my own experimentation has been amazing.  This is where matching vibrational energy comes in.

I've been experimenting for a few months now and I'd like to share it with you today.

Other Peoples Energy

Whilst standing in a queue at the bank, I felt strong vibes from a woman in front of me.   She was extremely impatient, sighing and tutting as she wasn't getting attended to quick enough.   There were only two tellers on at the time, and there was about 6 people in front of us.   I could feel that she was getting more and more frustrated and angry and could almost physically feel the vibes she was sending out.

She eventually turned around to me, hoping to get me in the same state, and said 'you'd think they put on more clerks at the till.' I smiled politely and looked straight ahead.   A few minutes went by and she turned around again and said 'I mean it's lunch time, you'd think they would know it's going to be busy.' Now, I hate being around people like this, so I said 'What can you do about it?' She gave me a funny look: 'What do you mean?' she replied, 'Well, you're wasting all this energy getting annoyed, but it's not going to make the queue go down any quicker is it?' When she realised I didn't feel the same, she turned and waited in line quietly, but probably seething inside.

We all know people like this in our lives.   People that give off these vibes of anger, of negativity, boredom, un-satisfaction.   The thing is they don't need to say anything most of the time, we can actually feel it inside us.

We also know people who are radiant and as soon as they walk into a room, there is a hoard of people attracted to them.

It's the same when we walk into a restaurant, a nightclub, a party at a house, we immediately get this 'vibe' about the place.   Why is that, and what is it telling us?

When you get a 'vibe' about something, you are really saying 'I am feeling a vibrational energy inside of me.' think about it for a second, that's exactly what a vibe is.   You can't touch, it, smell it, see it, hear it or taste it, you FEEL it.

So if we presume that a vibe is vibrational energy, and it's this energy that causes a reaction in us to FEEL something, you therefore have to presume that vibrational energy is real, although unseen, and causes a reaction inside of us.

If someone else, or a place, can cause a reaction inside of us with it's vibrational energy wouldn't it be a good idea to play around, with a sense of curiosity and excitement, with the idea that we can project our energy, and even match energy of a similar nature and pull it toward us to get the things we want in life.


Matching Vibrations

Have you ever tried to tune a guitar by ear?

What you have to do is pluck the 1st string (maybe tune it first), then on the second string hold the fifth fret down and pluck the string so it matches the sound of the open, first string.

Basically what you are doing is matching the vibration of the first string to the vibration of the second string, and you do this with all six strings, until the guitar is tuned.

I believe we also match vibrations when we want something in our lives.

Just like a magnet, we are repelled away from people who do not have a similar vibrational energy as us.   For example, can you think of a time when you were in a great mood, happy, and loving life.   You got to work with the same energy and come across someone who is on a real downer.   Three things can happen in this situation:

1. You avoid them like the plague as they will sap that energy straight from you.

2. You lend some of your vibrational energy to the other person to pick them up, however you can only do this for so long, as your energy will be gone before long.

3. They avoid you like the plague as you are too damn happy for them.

Matching vibrational energy helps our body/mind seek out vibrations of a similar nature.   I believe this is how we get the things we want in our lives and I've been playing around with this idea for months now with some great results.

How to match vibrations

There's lots of ways to match your internal vibrations with the things you want in life:

Visualization – We all know this one and may have tried it, but there's a trick to this which i'll share in a moment.

Writing – write down what you want to have in your life

Belief working – work on your beliefs about why you have not got what you want in your life.   There's sometimes, or a lot of times, when you have a limiting belief stopping you matching vibrations to the thing you want.

There's a lot of other ways, but with all of them there is a huge factor missed out when the likes of 'The Secret' and 'LOA' authors speak about it, and that is: FEELING.

When the authors of 'the Secret' spoke about using our thoughts to attract the things we want in life, they were only giving you an introduction to the subject.

What has been missed is that you do indeed use your thoughts, but it's not your thoughts that have the power, it's the feeling you get when you have these thoughts. But, you have to keep using your thoughts to get that deep feeling inside you, 'The Vibe'.   When you have 'the Vibe' then you know you are matching your vibrational energy and aligning it with the object of your desire, whether it be money, a new job, a new person in your life or whatever it is you want.

When you get that vibe, your body becomes radiant and, I believe, there are no boundaries to the distance of your radiance.

Charging Your Vibrational Energy

What I have found is that 'the Vibe' needs charged.   It's no good getting your vibe charged up only to let the charge run down, you have to keep charging it up with whatever method you choose to charge it: visualization, writing, talking etc.

One word of advice.   I wouldn't use affirmations for matching vibrations.  However, affirmations are an amazing way to change your underlying beliefs for not for charging your vibrational state

Another thing I have learned with my experiments is that desperation causes you to lose the very thing you desire in your life.

For example if you want more money in your life, and all you think about is money, you obsesses about it and get more frustrated as the more you think about it, the less of it you get.   You're holding on too tight.   What you should be obsessing about is the process, and the service you give to others.

How it has helped me!

I've just finished my accounts for my online business for the last financial year, April 2010 "“ April 2011.   I managed to get around $1500 per month directly from sales of my books, courses and blog advertising etc.   However I also managed to spend around $1300 per month on advertising, new programs, new software, courses, coaching, affiliate payments etc.   I was so involved in lots of different programs to make more money, that I lost track of why I was doing it.   It's not just about the money, it is about serving others and teaching what I have learned myself.   When I started to focus on the question: "˜How can I better serve my subscribers, and the readers of the blog?' My income shot up.

This year to date I have, April 2011 "“ August 2011, I have a net profit of around $2000 per month, and gross sales of around $4,000 per month, with $2000 being spent on servers, email accounts, coaching, affiliates, designers etc   I still have a full time job, so the figure could be much better.

Sales of How to Become an Advanced Early Riser account for 25% of the net profit, which is great as it wasn't really selling at the beginning.   Word of mouth, and relationship marketing alone have increased the sales more and more each month

I had a limiting belief about my income, believing that if I could reach $1,000 per month online I would be happy, but I didn't re-calibrate this belief and sales were stuck at that ceiling when I reached it.   When I re-calibrated back in February/March sales started coming in thick and fast.

I also had a lack of urgency.   As I have a full time job there is no immediate urgency to do as well online, when I pushed myself to set target dates, coupled with getting rid of the limiting beliefs, focus, energy and income shot up.

My feeling now is to net over $10,000 per month with gross sales reaching $12,500 per month

This is purely down to realising why I write, why I do what I do, and focus my actions on better serving readers, subscribers and advertisers on the blog.   I also look at my beliefs about what I am doing and re-calibrate my vibrational energy to match what I want and how best to help others.

Got questions?

This is obviously a brief introduction to working with your vibrational energy.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this, let me know by leaving a reply below.

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