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Five Simple Tips That Will Help You Achieve Greatness

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A man's dreams are an index to his greatness." Zadok Rabonwitz

1. Believe in your own success.

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."

If you DON'T believe in you own greatness, who will? If you think you can succeed then you can. Your belief in your own ability to achieve is essential and will motivate you to keep going.

achieve_greatnessYou have to listen to the little voice in your head that whispers possibility. You have to look yourself in the mirror and say I can. You have to hold onto whatever belief system that is EMPOWERING and move forward.   You can't allow negativity or procrastination to hold you down like a linebacker. You have to constantly surround yourself with your dreams. This consistency of mental pictures, words, affirmations, positive associations, and a whole jeep of things will drive you to believe in yourself. Once you believe, then it's on and popping like popcorn.

So develop a belief in yourself! Learn to motivate yourself and pump yourself up. In the end, all you'll ever have is yourself. Once you conquer the man or woman in the mirror that tells you, you CAN'T, then you have already won. The next thing you need is to PERSEVERE.

2. Never Give In.

"Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible."

Persistence may not make you smile from head to toe. It may not make you jump up and down or make you scream out, " BIG DADDY! I'M HOME," but persistence has the key that unlocks the door. Inside you will see the wonders of your success that you deserve to receive only after you have stayed on the path long enough to obtain them.

If you fail, what do you do? You dust yourself off and try again. The success you are looking for won't come that quickly "“ a pretty likely scenario "“ then you has to persist.   Persistence TEACHES patience, faith, your ability to enjoy the moment and understand internally that your success will come when the time is right.

Success never comes when you want it to.   It comes when the time is right. So persist until your stars align and god opens the path for you.

3. Take Baby Steps

To get from point A to point B you have to take baby steps. You can't expect to reach your goal of being an international star   in the next 6 hours. Imagine being on a bridge. On one side is your achievements and the other side is where you are. Getting from point A to point B will take time. You won't make it in a day. But walk that bridge for a week and half; you'll see that you'll be further than where you are now if you just stayed in one place.

Here is what you can do

A. Set a deadline

A deadline prevents you from procrastinating. Many people are stuck in procrastination mode. They love to procrastinate and they love to procrastinate. Do yourself a solid favor and make a deadline for your achievement. A deadline will keep you motivated, prevent procrastination and move you towards your dreams much faster than not having one.

B. Mental Visualization

Athletes do this all the time. They see the result they want clearly and rehearse it over and over again. This shatters doubt, limiting beliefs and builds extreme confidence. Visualization builds a knowing that your success will occur. See what you want and put yourself in the picture.

C. Take 100% Responsibility

Once you take 100 percent responsibility for your life; you become empowered and less frustrated. Because, you've become the CEO of your life.

D. Focus on Important Tasks

Don't focus on the things that DONT matter. Focus on the Things that DO! For example: if you're a writer, the only thing that matters is the material you create. All the facebook chatting, twitter tweets or blog comments mean nothing if you don't have GREAT material wrapped from your heart.   Focus on the important things. Remember, You're too Blessed To Be Stressed.

College Graduate

Liquor drips from her lips and her tears meet the pavement at the same time.   Celebrations of success couldn't have come any sooner. No longer forced to live with her parents, she is on the road to independence. The alcohol is just a symbol of leaving the past and living in her present moment of glory. Champagne bottle depletes and more pop out from the freezer. Hands of relatives and friends jump for joy over her success. She finally made it; college graduate with a Master's in Psychology.

The ceremony was wonderful and her classmates were all dressed sharper than a thumb tack. Women wore dresses the color of rosemary gardens, blue tie dye denim, oatmeal mealiest meals, purple perplexing passion, grape grandeur graves, cinnamon toasted lunch, turquoise Power Ranger lasers and
orange banana peel nutmeg. Suits clasped around the necks of hefty young men who were all the more excited to embark the new world.

Relatives found close seating. When their sons' names were called out, all you could hear were the roars of excitement that leaped from their tongues. Her mother snapped more pictures than a porn site and her father did the same. The family gathered at her home and forks never left her mouth. She stuffed her face with lasagna, salad, corn bread, honey ham, turkey, rice, peas, macaroni and cheese and a list of other food this author had to stop naming because he was getting hungry.

Her neighborhood is surrounded my men who spout liquor out into the streets for those deceased and women of all different shapes, colors, sizes. Her vision used to be smog infested but after her mother died of a heroin overdose she realized she had to set an example for her little brother; he was only five
years old. She realized life is what you make of it and she didn't want to be a statistic, but an example. She never gave into her environment and she never gave up.


4. Just do it.

Sitting around the house day like a bum does nothing. You can't achieve anything on your bed, couch or carpet. You have to get to work and create. Whatever you have chosen to pursue in your life, JUST DO IT. Don't over think your way to success. This does nothing. Shut off your brain, take shower, put on your clothes, brush your teeth and just do it!

Sometimes our thoughts keep us from achieving because we over think and over analyze every situation. We prevent ourselves from achieving by instilling fear, there for instilling doubt into our own hearts rather than courage.

No matter how much you think, you NEED to take action.   Developing a just do it mindset takes times. But can keep you from falling off the cliff of achievement in no time.   It will prevent you from wasting time and falling short in all aspect of you life!

Right now, take out a sheet of paper and write down a list of BENEFITS you will RECEIVE from taking action. Hold onto this paper and use it as Motivation when you don't feel like doing anything. This helps alot!

5. Think good thoughts. Refuse to give attention to evil thoughts. Think GOOD Thoughts. Refuse to engage in masochistic ideologies and concepts of a murderous kind. These thoughts drain you and prevent you from moving forward with your life. It's best to focus on the present moment, feel good, laugh, smile, work, giggle and bust ya derriere working hard! Too many focus on what thought they are thinking. Just FOCUS on feeling good and good thoughts will come to you. With good thoughts, you are motivated, excited and enthused. And no great task was achieve, no one cultivated GREATNESS
without ENTHUSIASM.   Be happy now my friends.

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What do you believe in? What are some of your dreams? Are you just doing it?

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