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What does our voice tell other about how we want to be treated? The invisible truth is "“ the way people treat us is affected by subconscious vibes that we send out. Unconsciously they are affected by our unconscious messages. A good portion of relationships occurs below our conscious minds.

People react to the subtle energy we send out…that we are not aware of. However, we can increase our consciousness, by focusing on our thinking and feelings as we interact with people. Focus on tiny feelings that you may not even be able to put into words. What you think and feel will carry on your words.

??????????????????Our voice is a bridge to others. We subconsciously and habitually tell people how we want to be treated as quickly as we introduce ourselves. What voice do we use, when we say our name? Let say our name several times and feel how it sounds. These questions will help analyze our subtle messages to others:

  • Do we love our name as it comes out of our mouth? Do you even like your name? Can you say your name as if it is the most special sound in the world?
  • What are we feeling? Proud? Insecure? Suspicious? These feelings are part of our messages. They are not hidden.
  • What is the speed volume, pitch, EQ of our name? Try saying your name and changing each one of these items. Which ones sound the best?
  • What is our posture, which affects our voice?
  • Where does our name vibrate in our body? Our head? Our gut? Our nose? Try saying your name and think of a different area of your body and watch your voice change?
  • Do we change the pitch at the end of our name? Does it go up or down?
  • Do we say our name like a question, expressing uncertainty about who we are and what we want?
  • Do we swallow our breath?   Do we say our name in the front or the back of our mouth? Do we want to reach out to them or hope they come chasing after us?   We should feel and think – as we want to be treated. Our feelings carry on our vices "“ whether or not we are aware of it. We are more responsible for how others treat us than we realize. A simple thing "“ our voice "“ can make all the difference in the world.

There is a secret power in language sounds.   The medical society confirms that laughter boosts the immune system. If everyone stopped talking, our energy would drop. Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words…not from the meaning, but from the sounds.

Historian Schwaller de Lubic discovered that rituals of the ancient Egyptians used "sound formulas" that were not words and had no meanings. He reported that, '"Sacred or magical language is not to be understood as a succession of terms with definite meanings… the excitation of certain nervous centres [cause] physiological effects [which] are evoked by the utterance of certain letters or words which make no sense in themselves."

Confirming this, an ancient Egyptian named Asklepios said in a letter to King Amman, "As for us, we do not use simple words but sounds all filled with power."

In ancient Egypt, there was a form of vocal music called layali. It was used and repeated the syllables, ya, leal and einy. Other languages and cultures also had linked certain sounds with very specific healing benefits! "Hu" is the mystical Sufi's sacred sound… "Hu" creates a burning sensation in one's head if you say it over and over. Ha, ha, also begins with H, stimulating glands, especially the thymus.

Try this incredible exercise!

Hold a glass of water with intent to pass energy to the water. Take four breathes through your nose and exhale from your mouth to the water, making a ha sound, then take four   normal breathes, then four deep breathes. The deep ha breaths pass energy and the normal ones keep you from getting light headed. The water may start to bubble and turn pale blue.

The Taoists in ancient China said that:

  • Ssss helps the lunges
  • Who is for kidneys
  • Sshhh energizes the liver
  • Haw supports for heart
  • Woo is for spleen

We assume that the purpose of words is to symbolize things so we can communicate, without realizing that every time we open our mouths, we emit subtle energy "“ affecting ourselves and others.

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