Lucid Dreaming – Part 5

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Relaxation technique

To do this exercise effectively I would recommend that you record yourself saying the following exercise into a tape recorder and use it whenever you do the relaxation exercise. Relaxation, as I have mentioned before is important in lucid dreaming as it can aid better sleep, stop us from getting too excited in our lucid state. It also greatly benefits our daily lives in a number of ways, as research has shown it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase motivation, gives us more energy and promote psychological well being. There are a number of relaxation techniques to use and I will list a few resources at the end of this book for those of you who are interested.


lucid_dreamingSeat yourself in a comfortable position, preferably not lying down as you may drift off to sleep. Another good idea would be to play some relaxing music, like classical baroque or a relaxation CD, which is available at any record store, but for now, anything you feel that is relaxing and does not have any lyrics in it. Here is the transcript to use for this exercise:

It is a bright, warm day and you feel the sun hitting your whole body as you walk slowly down a path leading to a garden. You look around you and see the trees swaying in the warm breeze, you can smell the scent of flowers and grass as you lye back on the soft green lawn. Your whole body is becoming very, very relaxed as the sun creates a warm feeling throughout your body. Just listen to the birds, smell the different scents around you and feel the warm breeze brushing over your face as you become more and more relaxed. At the bottom of the garden there is a path leading to a lake. You slowly walk to the bottom of the path where there are ten steps. You walk down each step feeling more and more relaxed. Ten, nine….very relaxed………eight…….very very calm……..seven, six………deeply deeply relaxed now……….five, four………feel the relaxation throughout your whole body………..three, two…..very very relaxed……one. You now lye down in the lake and drift very slowly into the middle of the lake. The water is warm and you feel the sun beating down on you as you float into the middle of the lake. You float easily and find you cannot sink at all. Very ……..very………. relaxed. Just drift and feel the relaxation, hear the peaceful noises in the background. Now you see a cloud of black substance leaving your body and dissipating into the lake, all your worries, all your anger, negativity's are all drifting away as you become ever more relaxed……….. Drift for about five minutes………….Now you feel yourself coming back to the edge of the lake, still very ………….very ……………..relaxed. You walk up the stairs one by one. One, two, still relaxed, three, four……..calm, positive……five, six…..relaxed and alert……….seven, eight………getting ready to awake

This exercise is only a suggestion, if you have another one which you find useful, by all means use it instead, the aim of this is to get you comfortable with relaxing on a regular basis and this is a good start. Hopefully as time goes on you will look at other forms of relaxation.

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