Lucid Dreaming – Part 4

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Pre-requisites to Lucid Dreaming

Before we can learn to lucid dream we first have to do a few things with our normal non lucid dreams in order to enhance the quality of our lucid dreams which will come later on. One of the first things we have to do is enhance the recall of our non lucid dreams. Everybody dreams, but not everybody remembers their dreams. With very little practice we can learn to recall almost all of our non lucid dreams with ease.

lucid_dreamingThere is only one technique I have used and have taught others to use, with great effectiveness, and that is to tell ourselves we will recall our dreams as soon as we awake. We do this just before dropping off to sleep and repeat it when we are drifting off to sleep. The conconscious mind will let us know as soon as we wake up that we have to remember our dream and it will bring it forth into our consciousness as soon as we wake up. It may take a few days to get this, but it will come, and the more we use this technique it will eventually become automatic and we will not need to tell ourselves to remember our dreams, it will happen automatically. There are a number of other ways, but I have found this the most useful, you can check out 'sources of information' to find out more on Lucid Dreaming and other techniques of recalling non lucid dreams.

Another useful area to learn is to teach ourselves how to relax, I will talk about this more later on in this book with a specific relaxation technique which you can record onto tape and use it whenever you need to. Deep relaxation is essential in our lucid dreaming adventures as we will be prone to lose a lot of potential lucid dreams due to excitement. If we can learn to be calm most of the time we can greatly increase our chances of staying in a lucid dream for longer. And of course learning relaxation will have a tremendous benefit in your waking life as well. What I would recommend also is to keep a dream diary. This is useful in two ways:

"¢ it lets us record our dreams and we have a permanent record of them for future use. Some of our dreams may seem odd and strange at times, however later on they can make perfect sense to us in light of future recent events.
"¢ it lets us record our dream signs. Dream signs can be used to help us whilst trying to have a lucid dream. For example if we dream a lot of the time that someone is chasing us we can use this as a cue to become conscious in our dream, therefore every time someone chases us in a dream we start to question this act and turn it into a lucid dream.

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