Lucid dreaming – Part 1

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This is a topic that has fascinated me for years and was a practitioner for years. i wrote a lot about it and gave seminars on it when I was younger. This is an e-book I wrote back in the late 90s for Rosedog.com. It is in 8 parts.

Introduction to  Lucid Dreaming

Look around you right now and ask yourself if you are dreaming.

lucid_dreamingThe instant answer would almost certainly be no that you are not dreaming, but how do you know? prove to yourself that you are not dreaming. You might pinch yourself and feel the pain, feel a solid object in front of you, or smell the coffee you are drinking as you read this. Well if you've ever had a really powerful dream you'll know you can do all these things in a dream: feel the pain of that pinch, or touch solid objects and smell that coffee. One thing you cannot do in an ordinary dream is maintain your flow of consciousness.

For example you might dream that you are walking down the street and you see a twenty foot bear who strikes up a conversation with you, in the dream you would think there is nothing wrong with this and it seems perfectly natural at the time. When you wake up, however, you realise how absurd the dream was. This is due to the workings of our mind and our consciousness, we are all unconscious when we dream, we do not have the same thought processes, cannot decipher that a bear talking to us is not real. In Lucid Dreams we are aware, we have the same thought processes as in our waking state, we know when something is not quite right and we can recognise the fact that we are dreaming. In essence we are conciously dreaming. Let me give you an example of how this might happen:

'…….I was walking down Buchanan street and jumped over something in front of me. I stayed in the air a bit longer than was natural and I suddenly realised I must be dreaming. I immediately tried to fly and to my delight I started floating in the air. I flew all over the town centre just watching people go about their business. The clarity was amazing, the colours were brighter than usual, my mental state seemed very heightened. I flew about and rested on shop signs and was laughing with delight. My excitement must have disrupted the lucid dream as I slipped into a normal dream and woke up shortly afterwards.'

This was one of my first lucid dreams and the feeling of elation stayed with me for over four days. It shows we can become aware of the fact that we are dreaming if we know the clues and the signs.

In this course I will show you how to look for those signs and show you some techniques that have helped myself and others in the quest to become lucid in their dreams. This booklet has been prepared to compliment the course itself, however should you need try and remember any of the techniques used to induce lucid dreaming all the relevant information will be here in order that you can refer to it when needed

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