Living Outside the Circle

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A lot of us are living outside the circle and feeling bad about it or making ourselves miserable because of it, but I want to tell you that living outside the circle is the best place in the world to be.

What is the Circle

The circle is the place where the crowd hang out, where people who want to be in the crowd hang out, and where people who idolise the crowd hang out as well.   It's where the norm happens, it's where people who are happy with their lot live, it's where everybody wears the same clothes according to what's fashionable at that particular time, it's where a few people speak and everyone else listens attentively, it's where trends are born and bred to be fed to the masses, it's where people who moan but don't act live.

Most of us have been raised in the circle, and that's cool that's the way it should be.   However, a few of us open our eyes and see the circle for what it is and try desperately to escape, only to be ridiculed, ostracised, and treated differently for trying to introduce new ideas, speaking out loud and speaking our minds.

We get depressed, we despair, we develop mental and physical health problems all in the name of being accepted into the circle and being part of the crowd.

Do you know what – living outside the circle is fantastic, there's no pressure to conform, no one telling us the best things to wear in our day to day lives, you can have your dreams and chase them without fear of recrimination and the best part "“ you start to create your own circle of supportive people, people who think like you, people who know what it means to want something different in life.

There is now a trend for people to form their own circles, and these people are at the forefront of a new movement

One foot in the circle

Of course being outside the circle does not give us an excuse to do anything we want.   There are universal laws we should adhere to, the basic human laws.   And of course there are laws of the land.   So we will always have one foot in the main circle, which can keep us grounded and help us to communicate with others in the main circle, either to teach or to answer questions about life outside the circle.

Time to get out

This is a great time to be able to step out of the main circle and do your own thing, live life on your terms, chase your dream and help others chase theirs.   Does that sound idealistic "“ of course it does and that's how dreams are realised, by having an ideal and never giving up until your reach what is best for you.   When others see you stepping outside the circle and living life on your own terms, others will follow you and want to learn from you, but you are not a God, and you learn as much from your followers as they learn from you.   In time more and more people will form their own circle and the balance of power will shift from the main circle and give more control back to the individual, and it's happening now.

What about you "“ Are you happy being in the circle or do you want to form your own circle?

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