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Today sees the start of a new series  called 'Mind Alchemy: Interviewing The Coaches'.

In this series I interview top international life coaches, personal development speakers and self help teachers. The series is part of the Mind Alchemy course, which comes out shortly. The 'Interviewing the Coaches' series will cost $10 per month. However as part of the interviews I asked the readers of this blog, via email, what questions they would like to put to these top coaches. Every coach in the series kindly answered 3 questions from readers, and that's what we'll be sharing on the blog each week.

So far we have some great names lined up like: Curly Martin, Morty Lefkoe, Jonathan Wells, Tim Brownson, Barrie Davenport, Farnoosh Brock, Sandy Amorim, and Rob White with more to come soon.

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Jonathan Wells from

Jonathan is my mentor, and part of a mastermind group we have got going, and is the Author of True Self

I hope you enjoy the readers question section of the interview.



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