How Yoga Can Help You to Improve Your Score If You're the College Student

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You wouldn't think to connect the two. After all, one is more about physical movement while the other is largely about what goes on in the mind. If you did that, however, you'd be wrong. You see, the human body and mind are interlinked and therefore what is good for one is good for the other. What's more, there is nothing mental that is not also physical and vice versa.

What's more, yoga is a physical activity that has huge mental benefits and is, therefore, a great way to make you do better at the university. Let's explore some of the reasons why shall we?

Yoga is good for the mind

First of all, the university can be an anxiety-inducing place. Fr that reason, the effects of yoga on anxiety are not to be mountain posed away. And the effects are dramatic, with anxiety being reduced a huge amount for anybody who regularly partakes in Yoga.

It doesn't end there, with yoga also raising mood, behavior and even mindfulness, according to one study. And that's controlling for physical exercise! (As in, the participants "“ high school students "“ were also doing exercise at the same time, so these effects were on top of that). In other words, the effects are probably even more pronounced if you don't do any exercise.

Doesn't sound bad, right? And there's more. Yet a third study revealed that if you do yoga regularly, then you're going to have greater workplace wellbeing as well as resilience against shocks (And there are always shocks in university, right?).

So, take that all together and you've got less anxiety, greater resilience, higher mindfulness, better mood, better behavior and greater workplace wellbeing. Now if none of that boosts your grades, then either you're already an A+ student, or you should consider handing in an assignment once in a while. I've heard that helps when you're trying to do better at the university.

Yoga is a perfect break

I think yoga was secretly designed for when you want to take a short work break. Yeah, it was developed in India, 5000 years ago, but somehow those guys knew about homework and the modern workplace environment. Those yogis were smart.

Why do I say that? Because we now know that we're supposed to take regular breaks throughout our workday. And yoga seems to specifically been designed for those breaks, as you can get the entire benefits of it after only 12 to 18 minutes. What's more, it doesn't make you sweat like a hot summer day, which means that you can get right back to studying after you've finished your exercises, with all the benefits thereof. That's right, with yoga you can get right back to searching those best sites for writing help.
Heck, you don't even have to change out of your yoga pants (three hurrahs for yoga pants).

Last words

Some more advantages, it doesn't require a lot of space or any expensive equipment. In fact, you can do it right there in your college dorm. It doesn't require noise and it is just fantastic for dealing with the sore back and neck from studying for a long period of time.

Really, yoga seems like it was specifically made for students and that's why you should start right now. I mean like, right now. Are you not reading this article on the subway? Who cares! Other people might even start joining you for a quick subway yoga session. You could start a new thing.

Then you're not just somebody who has great grades in college, but also that person that started that subway yoga craze. Now, who wouldn't want to be that person?

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