How to use the Law of Attraction

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The 3 laws of the law of Attraction

If you have been using the law of attraction in your life, you'll know sometimes that it might not work as well as you would want. Why is this?

Speaking from my own point of view, as I cannot say what your experiences will be like, there are 3 components to the law of attraction. I have read lots of articles and a few books on the Law of Attraction and they all give more or less the same advice. However I have tweaked all the information and experimenting I have done on my own and come up with thefollowing three three components:

  1. The intention
  2. The power behind the intention
  3. The action toward the intention

law_of_attraction_2The intention

Your intention is literally a statement of intent, something you want to achieve or have in the future. When I make my intentions I state the intention in the present tense while looking into the future. For example one of my intentions is to become a professional blogger so I would word it:

"˜I am now a professional blogger, I have my own blog training business, I teach and write articles every day and love it and get paid for doing it.

Whilst saying this statement, internally or out loud, I visualise myself working as a professional blogger. I see myself teaching other people blogging, I see myself giving seminars. I see myself sitting at home during the day and writing my articles and talking on the phone with other bloggers.

Another important aspect of the intention is to clear any resistance to the intention. With my previous example I still have resistance as I know I have to help provide for my family so my current job needs to be kept on. This is a blockage and a major blockage but I am working on it bit by bit.

The power behind the intention

This is another important aspect that a lot of people miss and it is the power or the force behind the intention. Before setting your intention gear up toward it and muster as much energy around the intention as you can. When I muster up the energy I delay the intention and build it up to such an extent as to have an excited feeling in my stomach that needs to be released. The only analogy I can think of is that feeling when you are absolutely bursting on a pee and you have to hold it for a few hours and then at the moment you go to the toilet and pee, it's a fantastic feeling of release and pleasure.

When you know roughly what your intention is and you can see it in your mind, make it clearer and get excited about it. Do this during the day when you are working, think about it, don't talk about it, but think about it all day or for a few days.

When you are ready to release the intention plan 15 "“ 30 minutes alone and release your intention and make it focused and visualise it, hear it, sense it, smell it. Give it all your five sense and release it and let it drift out to wherever it goes to manifest.

The action toward the intention

In the past I have stated the intention and let it go and thought about it occasionally. I didn't like this way of doing it and have now come to a more powerful way, for me, of achieving the intention. I work toward it and think about it often.

Right now I am working toward my dream of becoming a pro blogger. I am going into affiliate marketing, I am blogging for other people, and I am making more money with AdSense, all in the hope that I will make enough money
to either pay off the mortgage or make a lot more than I can working for a living.

I have found this a much better way of manifesting my intentions than the old way I was using of simply stating the intention and then letting it go.

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There are lots of different ways of making your intentions come into alignment with the present. Experimenting with lots of different ways is a good way to get to know what works for you. The more you do it the more you will get to know the blockages that may be hampering your efforts. Don't give up with it and it can take some time to release those blockages. I found the biggest blockage is belief. I have chosen to believe in this way of thinking as I have seen it working for me.

Of course if I wanted to I could find other ways of explaining the events that have happened in my life without the intention-manifestation model. You can find proof of anything in life depending on the way you are inclined. So it is with the law of attraction.

I am a logical man and question everything and I questioned the law of attraction for a long time. When I started trying it and seeing results I tweaked it and then installed the new belief that it works for me. You have to do the same. Tweak it or leave it.

Your stories

Let me know of any interesting stories you have with the law of attraction and your experiments with this or if you think it is all a lot of rubbish, either way it would be good to hear from you.

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