5 ways to conquer your fear of Financial Success

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Financial abundance

I was checking my Google AdSense account last night and my earnings are going
up all the time. I caught myself thinking okay I am happy with that just
now; I am getting about $5 per day on average. This is not a huge figure
but when you have been used to getting $ 1-2 per day it seems a lot.

I couldn't believe I was actually putting a mental block on my AdSense
earnings. I don't do it in any other area of my life. I shoot
for the moon and expect to get it, but with money there is a mental block. This
has been one of the mental habits I have had to break over the last 10 years:
expecting not to get money.

Speaking with a lot of people has made me realise they also have the same
problem. They don't expect to make money, can't see how to
make it, and don't build their hopes up to making it, therefore they
don't make it. Without question we have to believe that we can
make money before we actually make it.

If you have made $1 per day what's stopping you making $10, if you can
make $10 per day what's stopping you making $100 per day; absolutely
nothing but determination and belief.

How do you conquer your fear of success?

  1. Catch yourself every time you limit yourself to financial success.

There will be time s when you say "˜whoa, hold up there, I can't
quite handle this amount of success and what happens. You might stop
having those great ideas to making money, you might stop attracting the "˜money
people', and your business slows down. Yes, it's the old
law of attraction. I believe in it wholeheartedly and I work on it every
day. I have still have some blockages but I chip away at them every

  1. Look out new ideas every day

I try and think of new ideas every day to make money. It might be from
my blog, it might be from looking for new clients, it might be from reading
an eBook. I search every single day for a way to make money on improve
on a way I am making money just now.

  1. Expect Financial Success

If you are telling yourself every single day that you will become financially
successful and are working toward it with something viable then you will do
it. If it is not working try something else. A lot of people
just give up after a few months, after a few years. I will never give
up searching for more ways to make money. The answer is on the internet
and I can feel I am less than 1 year away from finding some answers.

  1. Don't give up

This is what will separate the weak from the strong. My particular area
of interest for making money is from the internet and I follow people like
Joel Comm, Darren Rowse, Steve Pavlina, Chris Carpenter, Yaro Starak, John
Chow, Mike Filsaime and a host of other marketers, bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. I
look up to them and will not give up until I have become one of the elite.

  1. Read, read and read even more

Until recently I thought all eBooks were rubbish that people had written because
they couldn't get published in the real world. This is absolutely
rubbish and was obviously a failing on my part for not doing enough research. I
have come to love eBooks and read, skim, flip, and click all the time. There
are some fantastic eBooks out there. A lot of them are free however they
are usually free to sell you something at the back end, and there is nothing
wrong with that. I have bought eBooks costing $70 and well worth the
money and information contained in them. I am not going to try and sell
you them here but will do reviews in the future of some of the better ones.

You will succeed

It's easy to get into a rut of thinking that you will
never be financially successful. Take it $1 at a time and you will get
there if you have savvy, balls and determination.

Are you succeeding in making money or are trying to get there? why not share your story with us.

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