How to Think Positively No Matter What Happens

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The main idea of "‹"‹positiveness is one simple rule: think only of good things. But as it turns out this is not so easy. According to the psychologists, people tend to think of failure more often than of success. And it's because  positive thinking requires much more energy than a pessimistic attitude to life.

Being an optimist is a big job. However, once you try it you'll see that when thinking about good things you'll be able to improve your life greatly.

So, how to learn to think positively"¦

Positive Thinking1. Don't let yourself think of bad things, no matter what happens.

Stop watching sad movies, reading thrilling books, sit at the TV watching night news. Before going to bed don't think about the problems that need to be solved next day. It's better to imagine that everything is great (even if it's not true). Quite possibly, it's not so bad and everything really will be ok.

2. Think good of other people.

If someone irritates you but you still have to talk with them, try to find good qualities in this person. It will reduce the degree of your irritation. Try to make a compliment, but do it sincerely. If you're going to treat a person kindly, they won't have a desire to disappoint you, and most likely will change their behavior.

3. Don't rush to conclusions.

When assessing the situation which you think is horrible, don't rush to blame yourself and others. Try to look at it from the other side and find at least one positive feature. Accept your difficulties as lessons that your life gives you. Your task is to understand why it happened, to accept the situation and to take maximum advantage of it.

4. When setting goals, believe in their achievement.

Don't let yourself doubt your success. Everything is possible, believe it. When thinking just about failure, you send a signal to the world that you're ready for the negative outcome. Remember that positive thinking people rarely get sick. Positive attitude to life can overcome even a very severe disease. So, forget about any doubts on positive thinking.

5. Be careful with your words.

We underestimate the power of words. Uttering positive or negative words you send the appropriate command in your brain, thus attracting either success or failure. If you say, "I do NOT want to quarrel again with my wife," more likely the quarrel will happen. Particle "NOT" is perceived as negativeness. Learn to attract the desired result: "I want to spend an awesome evening with my wife tonight."

6. Visualize.

There's a very effective technique to improve health, develop self-confidence, improve communication skills, etc. It's the method of positive visualization. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine yourself being healthy, happy, confident, successful, etc. (depending on what you want to achieve). Duration of one session is 1-3 minutes. You need to do it regularly to make this technique more effective.

I hope these tips will be of good help on your way to positive thinking and optimistic lifestyle.

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