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Stop Being a Copy Cat

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I had a lot of trouble trying to find myself and getting a grip of who I was meant to be. I was always trying to find new people to act, and be like. I was always trying to be like someone else.

I did not have a sense of who I was. I was spending so much time trying to get away from my pain, anguish, anger, and lack of self-image that it turned me into somebody I did not even know.

It is one of the worst feelings when you do not even know who you are.

copycatSo that is when I realized that I needed to start investing in myself…

… I realized that I could never be the best copy cat in the world, but that I could be the best that I could be.

The Things I Did To Grow Myself

I began to read books about growing my own self image, I began listening to seminars, and watching motivational YouTube videos on creating a better me.

And through this I was able to learn a few things…

  1. As I started to separate myself from others, I begin to realize what I am capable of
  2. Nobody can do things like I can do them
  3. That I am capable of doing anything that I put my mind toward
  4. I embraced the fact that I am unique, and that I am different from others
  5. I became comfortable with myself

It was imperative that I began to invest in my mind and invest in myself.

I separated myself from others, because I learned that I needed to become my own identity in order to achieve great things.

No longer could I afford thinking like others, and acting like others, and trying to be like others.

The Reason Why You Are Important

Nobody can speak like you

Nobody can run like you

Nobody can play that guitar like you

Nobody can write like you

Nobody can sing like you

You have to realize it in yourself that you are worthy, that you deserve, and that you are capable of anything.

What do you do when the hard times come, and people tell you that you cannot do something?

You must have faith, you have to believe in yourself!

I personally believe that everybody has the ability to achieve greatness.

Everybody is born to be different, and unique.

Ever wondered why people are not born out of cookie cutters? Because people are meant to be different…

…each person is born with a unique set of characteristics and abilities. So start learning to invest in your mind, and enabling yourself to see what you are meant to be.

Have Faith In Yourself

If there is one thing I wish I would have learned before anything else, that is…

…I wish I would have put more faith into myself; I wish I would have believed in myself and that what I was doing was right, and in line with my virtues.

Life is too short for you to not believe in yourself and not achieve better things in life.

I am not talking about following things blindly, but learning about why you are doing something and then believe in that process that you are doing.

If you ever want to go any where in life you have to believe in yourself.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and you should share it with your friends and family!

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– Kevin 🙂

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