How the Colour of Your Aura Affect Others

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Before we talk about how our aura affects people, let's have a look at the colours and a very brief description of each.

  • Pink-loving and giving, highly sensitive and very intuitive to others needs
  • Red-enthusiastic and energetic with a quick temper
  • Orange-good hearted and kind
  • Yellow-intelligent and a good conversationalist
  • Blue-very rare, great communicators, highly intuiti ve, very calming
  • Green-creative, hardworking, admired, successful
  • Purple-highly psychic and very intuitive
  • Gold-full of love, and see beauty and love in every thing
  • White/silver-very gifted, intuitive, practical, sen sitive
  • Brown-negative, selfish, no self-confidence or self -worth
  • Black "“angry and full of hate, negative, dark souls

auraWe all have a personal energy space of about 3 ft. Those of us that have ever suffered any type of physical abuse will have a wider space, some up to 50ft. So how does our aura affect others? Let's have a look at your aura and see how you are affecting the people around you. If you aren't sure what colour your aura is, there are several great quizzes and tests on the net to do that will help you find yours.

We can clearly see that brown and black aura people are dark and negative. You will feel this aura immediately and even if you aren't that intuitive or sensitive, there is no escaping this feeling of negativity around them. If you hang around them too long, you will start to feel the negativity inside of you. Try not to spend too much time with these people.

If you are a blue aura person count yourself very blessed. People will hang on your every word. They love to be with you and have great respect and admiration for you. In a confrontational situation, your calming energy is most welcomed.

The pink, yellow, red and orange aura people are the fun and loving ones. People like to be with you because you are cheery, adventurous, fun but most importantly non-judgemental. You are accepting and kind. People will be drawn to you for your infe ctious smile and laughter and your zest for life an d anything new. For the most part, you are great conversationalists and everyone loves some good mental stimulation.

Gold and silver/white aura people are very intuitive, very warm, almost Angelic like and people will want to be around you because of the love and warmth you emit. They will flock to you if they are down or need a boost to their self-worth. If anyone is feel ing sad, hanging around you will lift their spirits and they will immediately feel loved and whole again.

The green aura people will naturally rub off on you in a very confidant, not cocky, fashion. Their aura is powerful especially for those in business or wanting to feel more optimistic about their jobs or future business endeavours. Your advice is top notch and t hose around you hold you in high regard and admire your practicality and common sense.

If you're purple you are more of a mystery to people than most and because of that, some may actually feel slightly intimidated by you for the simple fact that they aren't sure how to read you. Yet they are drawn to you because of your mysteriousness. They secretly want to know more about you and understand you. On the other hand, you may actually put some people off and they may even tend to stay away from you. Depending on how much you want to be around people, this may either be good or bad. Not everyone is curious and unfortunately being slightly different scares people away.

Keep in mind, however, that your aura will most definitely change colours on any given day at any moment. You will always have a predominant colour, which reflects your true personality, but if you are having an off day you could very well end feeling brown or black. Hopefully this doesn't happen often as these aren't the happiest colours. Also, as you progress in your business and work, you may give off more green.

And then of course you will run into situations where your colour will change according to the people you are with. If you spend a great deal of time wit h a gold or silver aura person then you will eventually become more loving and kind and those colours will shine brighter for you.

Next time you are out with friends or family practice reading their auras. See how you feel around the m and how you can either pick up some of their beautiful colours or dispel them.

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