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10 Things You Will Definitely Regret In 10 Years

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In 10 years from now you will look back on things in your life and wonder what were you thinking. It could be anything from that tattoo on your hand of the marijuana leaf or not going on that high school trip to France. It could have been something monetary or just something in general but there will definitely be things you will shake your head at in 10 years from now.

This list applies to you regardless of how old you are. Young age doesn't necessarily equate to doing stupid stuff. Even people in their 50's, 60's and much older can attest to doing some seriously silly stuff that they regret. Here is a small list of just 10 but I'm sure you can add many more to this.

regret1. Pretending you are someone you aren't to impress people.

We will do that to get a job, to get a boy/girlfriend, to make friends or whatever. Not only will we do it, we will play that role until something falls apart, and that something is usually us.

2. Let people control us.

Many of us do this to avoid confrontation, being alone or disrupting some sort of normalcy in the life we know at the time. We will let others dictate to us what we can and can't do, who we can and can't hang out with. You will definitely regret that.

3. Not taking more chances.

But there is still time, lucky you. How much time though, no one knows. While your friends were off bungee jumping and hitchhiking across the country, you were sitting in your room reading or watching a movie and boy do they have fun stories and great memories to share now.

4. Hanging around losers for too long.

Sure this is part of our growth, right? We all get that. But you didn't need to hang around with them longer than you did. You knew after 6 months that they were losers. You should have dumped them then.

5. Being the mean person.

You remember that time. You know exactly which time I'm talking about. Someone needed a friend, someone was alone and scared and you were mean. You will never get that moment back and that person will never forget your meanness. You're probably very nice now but that moment will be there forever.

6. Passing up that college scholarship.

Ok so school isn't for everyone, and it especially wasn't for you at that time but your whole tuition was paid for and you shrugged it off and kept the bar job. It was way more fun, right?

7. Not spending more time with your family.

Your sisters or brothers, mom or dad, cousins, or any other family member you actually liked and got along with. You just didn't spend hardly any time with them and now they are gone.

8. Not using birth control.

Now before you get all in a huff about that and we know you absolutely adore your children and they are your life, but if you could have wait ed at least 5 more years before having them, oh how things could have been so different. Maybe even 2 years. Who knows.

9. Giving up.

If you would have just hung on a little longer. To that job, your studies, that dream. If only you would have kept at it and persisted. If only you had hung on just a little bit longer. How things would be so different right now.

10. Not taking time to learn new things.

There are so many things you sure wish you could do now and it's definitely never too late to learn anything but damn, you had a chance to learn that 10 years ago and you passed it up because it didn't interest you back then. It sure is interesting now though.

As we get older and get on with life, there is still time to learn new things, do new things and discover things, of course. But we could have done all that 10 years or so ago . Ah well. Never too late right?

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