How Staring in The Mirror Can Alter Your Consciousness

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Disclaimer: Please do not try this powerful technique if you have any kind of mental health issues (seriously!)

Okay, this is going to sound a really strange technique to try, but it's one that is extremely powerful and one I learned at a very young age.

I can't remember the age I was when I first tried this, maybe 8 or 9 years old, but when I did it i got really scared and stopped the practice.  I didn't understand it at all at the time.  However now I have a much better understanding of the mind and how it works.

A little story first

This is a story about you, about your life.

The day you were born, you arrived with a clean slate, a mind as pure as nature.  Sure there was a little pre-programming in your DNA, but nothing that couldn't be changed if you had the will to do so.

You grew up listening to all the beliefs, all the programming of your parents, your family, your school teachers, the media, your peers and everyone else who had some sort of influence over you.  Gradually over time your beliefs became solid rocks and you believed what you believed, thinking it was your own beliefs, prejudices, principles, rules of life, and values.  Then one day you start to question one of your own beliefs, and this is the day that something magical happens: you realise that your reality is not really your own, it's been created by what you believe.  Then something even more magical happens: you realise that you can change your beliefs.

you start to look at the world differently asking yourself what you would truly like to believe about yourself, about the world, about the people in your life.

Then, life gets in the way.  You forget about that magical power and get busy with life: going to school, getting an education, getting a job, meeting someone, raising a family.

Then as you get older you start to feel the pull of the magic again, and start to question life.

You're in a cycle: the cycle of life.  You were born to find your purpose in life and you might feel, 'It's too late now', but it's never too late, never!

The first lesson

The very first lesson to rediscover the real you is to peel away all the layers that you have covered yourself with.  You need to get to the core of who you are and then take appropriate action.  Drop the masks you have worn all your life, drop the person you have pretended to be over the years and finally let go, and then – well, then you see what happens.

Powerful technique

This technique I am about to share with you can be scary, can seem un real, and will alter a part of your consciousness so use it only when you are ready to discover who you truly are in order to make a change.

The first stage is to set aside time for yourself for 20 minutes per day for the next week.

The next stage is to get yourself a mirror, preferably a large mirror so you can see the full top half of your body.

Then Take 20 minutes per might for the next week, and stare at your eyes in the mirror in a semi dark room (put on a lamp instead of the main lights).

Try to let go and not question what happens at the time and write down your thoughts after the 20 minutes is up.

When you do this, do not blink, try and keep your eyes open as long as you can.

Your thoughts and Feelings

I don't want to tell you what might happen when you use this technique for fear of biasing your thoughts in any way, but it would be good to hear how you get on or if you've tried this in the past.

I know that Osho speaks about this in one of his book if you would like to read more: Excerpt from his book on Google

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