How Good Do YOU Think You Can Feel?

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My mission in life is to help people get more life out of life. While it does sound a little poetic, it all comes down to one thing – a focus on getting a healthy body and mind.

Now, health is, in my eyes, a relative term.

Especially when left to people's own interpretation. Some people are sensitive to every minute tingle out of place. Whilst others (like my dad) will keep going until something actually falls off before they even start to think about a doctor.

I've learned not to judge.

My experience and instinct have thought me not to 'preach' about health to anyone either… unless they ask. Kind of like "you can lead a horse to water, but…"

healthyBut recently I found a much more scientific explanation than my gut feeling to all this. It came literally on the last page of a psychology book I was reading. And it was a little bit of a relief and excitement at the same time (it always helps to know psychologists have figured it out 😉 ).

It said that according to the Health Belief Model (in psychology):

Commitment to change is most often brought about when a person believes that he or she can make a difference. A lot of people have a 'fatalistic' attitude towards their health – "you go when you go" philosophy. When we feel we can control something we are more likely to do something about it.

In other words – we'll change things to get healthier only when we feel that we CAN change things, or that there's a NEED to do it. But it's all up to our own perception.

Also, there are four PERCEIVED factors that help us assess the situation – or the possibility of us making a difference. They are:

  1. Perceived susceptibility – (an individual's assessment of their risk of getting a condition).
  2. Perceived severity – (an individual's assessment of the seriousness of a condition, and its potential consequences).
  3. Perceived barriers – (an individual's assessment of the influences that facilitate or discourage adoption of the promoted behavior).
  4. Perceived benefits – (an individual's assessment of the positive consequences of adopting the behavior).

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I want to pose a question to you;

Are you one of the people who won't even try to live a healthy lifestyle – because you believe it won't make one ounce of a difference?

Are you one of the people who won't even give themselves a chance to feel great – because they don't believe in themselves?

How bad do things have to get for you, before you consider your health a priority?

If you are one of those people – consider this: Most people don't know how great they COULD feel.

In fact most people spend their lives at a mediocre energy level, mucking about thinking – this is as good as it gets. And if and when this type of person actually does something about their health – they are astonished as to how much more there is out there.

So – I won't go on and give you the obligatory list of points on how to get more energy out of your body. Instead, I'll leave you with the above questions, hoping that I've given your subconscious enough 'food' for thought (pun intended) to one day present you with the right answer.

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