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Your ultimate outcomes: Part 1


The first step in changing your life.

There is a process to making your dreams come true and the very first step
in that process is knowing what you want in the first place. If you don't
know what you want to do how the hell are you going to achieve anything? You're
not, simple as that.

I was coaching a manager who wanted to get out of his current job and into
a new better paid job. The first question I asked him was "˜what
job would you like to do?' a simple enough question you might think,
wrong possibly one of the hardest questions in the world. He thought about
the question and with a puzzled look on his face he said 'I don't know'. We
have to take time to think about what we want first before we can take action.

You have to know where you want to go in life before taking the first step
in getting there.

Know your outcome

In this series of articles I will give you some word documents to download
to help you on your way to realising your dreams. It will require some
thinking on your part, don't worry it's not that much but the more
effort you put in you will get that back ten fold and more believe me.

For the first part I want you to think of the key areas in your life, like
you did on the "˜wheel of life' exercise in having
a Cancer view if life
so just choose the major areas. My areas
are Love life, family, Finance, health, recreation, Personal Growth and Career.

Now think of each area in turn, spend about 5 minutes on each area. Ask
yourself the question: If there were absolutely no restrictions what would
my ultimate outcome be for my finances? What would my ultimate outcome be for
my family? Etc.

Now download
this zip file
. It contains 7 simple word documents contained in
a folder for each category. You can change the category names to suit
your own.

  • For each category document head it with the appropriate title i.e. your
    category is finance and so on.
  • Now in the big blank box I want you to collect images from the web and
    put them in this box or you can collect images from newspapers, magazines
    etc and stick them onto the printed paper.
  • In the "˜description of outcome box' I want you to write a brief
    description of your ultimate outcome for that particular category. Be
    as specific as possible. Don't worry about what you write the
    first time as you can always change it.
  • In the "˜intention phrase' I want you to write a short descriptive
    phrase about your ultimate outcome. I recommend you start each intention
    with either "˜in an easy and relaxed manner or in a healthy and positive
    way or for the good of all or words to this effect. I believe we get
    exactly what we wish for so don't wish for 1 million pounds as you
    might get it at the expense of someone dying instead wish for "˜for
    the good of all I would like to attract 1 million pounds to my bank account',
    you know what I mean.

Spend a lot of time doing this as these are your ultimate outcomes in life. The
outcomes we'll do in later parts will be more specific and less time

I have given you an example I the finance outcome document, something I might
put for myself.

When you have completed this you can keep them on the computer or print them
off and put them in a folder like I have done. The key to manifesting
your outcomes is staying focused on your outcome, try not to get too hung up
on the outcome as we want to stay relaxed and trust that the outcome will happen. Read "˜Letting
go to get what you want'
for more information on this important aspect.
What I would recommend next is to meditate on your outcomes every morning or
every night. Just spend 10 minutes, I take about 30 minutes, go through
each one and picture it in your head, feel the feelings of having your outcome. Picture
yourself there. Read Change
your life; Part 4: Visualising the life you want.
For more
information on the importance of visualisation.

Pretty soon you will know all your outcomes for each category and you'll
know the intention phrases and the description off by heart. You can
take these on the road now. What I mean is use your time when you're
stuck in a traffic jam to do a little open eyed meditation, when you're
in the queue at Asda meditate on your outcomes, pretty soon you'll look
forward to these peaceful moments.

Why does writing it down help get your goals?

A good question and the simple answer from me is I don't know it just
does. That might sound like a cop out but it's true for me. I
can only guess at an explanation. I believe that writing something down
gets it into the open, and by open I mean the ethereal open. Thoughts
are energy and are very powerful and once you have put down on paper these
thoughts the whole world can see them and help manifest them for you.

I was going to quote the famous 1953 Yale university study about goal setting
however I have done some research and found this story to be mythical, although
quoted by hundreds of motivational speakers around the world.

In her book "˜write it down, make it happen' Henriette Anne Klauser
explains that by writing down our outcomes we are activating something called
the Reticular
Activating System
(RAS). This is like a filter for the brain feeding
us information about important things happening around us. For example
if you are talking in a really busy room and you are engaged in conversation
with someone, but someone says your name at the other end of the room you r
brain picks this up and the fact that someone has said your name and you can
hear it. The brain has filtered out all the other noise in the room whilst
you are talking and at the same time it has picked up someone saying your name.

Writing your outcomes down has the same affect apparently. Your brain
will filter out clues to help manifest these outcomes for you; you will start
to see more opportunities, meet more people who can help, lots of different
things will happen.

My life

It really has worked in my life and probably at the worst period of my life
it has worked best for me. I've told this story before so bear
with me for those of you who know it. I was bankrupt, staying in a flat
in a rough area of Glasgow, no car, no girlfriend, a good job. I wrote
out my perfect scene for my life, wife, children, house, car, no money worries
etc. I wrote down those goals five years ago. Today I have my gorgeous
wife, I have my two children, and I have the house, the car, and enough money
to see us through and to pay for all the good things, 1 mortgage, 1 car loan
but no other debt. I have it all. What you ask for is what you
get and it happened with me and is still happening.

Get to work and change your life

Only 3% of the population write down their goals and did you know that the
top 3% of the richest people in the world control half of the money going around
the world, is this a coincidence?

Try the ultimate outcomes sheets for 3 months and see if it makes a difference
in your life.

I would suggest keeping a success diary, just a simple one. I'll
show you this in another part to this series.

For now get writing your outcomes and change your life forever.

I will post the next article in this series in about 1 week's time where
we will be looking at taking the steps to making your ultimate outcome come
rue and that is setting yearly outcomes.


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