False Evidence Appearing Real "“ Three Simple Affirmations To Help Overcome Fear

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As a shamanic healer my job is to remove negative energy from the body's energy system, helping people to heal themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Over and over I get to see how the buildup of fear energy inside harms us mentally and emotionally and creates blocks in our energy system that can manifest as physical disease.

Fear is not real. It is a negative thought that leads us to surrender our inner strength and will power. It causes us to give up our self-love. When we lack love for ourselves fear can control and destroy our lives. When we live in fear we forget that we are the greatest creation that God has created and instead allow ourselves to be controlled by a negative energy that is of our own creation.

f4ea31ee-0813-4eb4-b85a-ab09e3f35d92The energy of fear can accumulate in many parts of the body's energy system. Often it forms a mask around the face that obscures our perceptions as we interact with our surroundings. This is why the acronym "False Evidence Appearing Real" resonates strongly with me.

By recognizing fear as an energy, you can overcome it using simple affirmations that strengthen your ability to choose your thoughts. As you begin to work on this you may find that you only remember to use them only after you're already in fearful thinking but, after a little practice, you can transition to using them before fear really has the opportunity to take hold in a particular moment.

The next time you find yourself in fear-based thinking, confidently say these affirmations:

"Fear, I Give You NO Energy!"

Say this affirmation confidently to any fearful thought as it comes up. Without energy a thought cannot exist and you ARE in charge of what you give your energy to. By consistently using this affirmation you will see the thoughts that currently dominate you fade into nothingness.

"I love myself and I forgive myself"

Fear grows strong because we do not love ourselves. By regularly using this affirmation you will increase your self-love and become aware of yourself as the beautiful, wonderful creation that you are. You'll accept yourself more and see yourself in a much better light, which empowers you and disempowers fear. Use this affirmation regularly to outgrow your fear. It'll work for many other issues too.

"Fear, I No Longer Accept You As Part of My Consciousness"

This affirmation also helps you to make different choices with what you allow into your mind and to release negative thought forms that no longer serve you. Most people believe that they are dominated by what they think and that they do not have the ability to change it. This is not true. After a while of working with this affirmation you will find yourself able to command fear out of your consciousness as it arises and create space for more positive, constructive thinking.

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