Crossing The Lines

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How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be? We have to 'Cross The Lines'.

The line is an imaginary line which is the most powerful barrier we can overcome to realising the potential we have in everything we do.

Some lines are crossed very easily. For example: getting out of bed in the morning to go to work each day is a line we have to cross. If we don't cross that line there will be consequences, we might eventually get the sack from our work which means no mortgage payments, no food on the table, no happy family. These lines are called D-Level lines.

crossing_the_lineA-D Level Lines

D-Level Lines – are lines that have to be crossed and have been crossed on many occasions. We may not like it, we still find it mentally difficult but the pain of not crossing them is more painful than the pain of crossing them. The D-Level and C-Level lines are the lines a lot of people are stuck between right now in their lives.

C-Level Lines – This line represents a new way of thinking and a new found confidence in oneself and one's abilities. It's a shift in your belief pattern.

For example: Imagine you are going for a promotion at work. You feel at ease in-between D – C-Level and suddenly you start to believe that you could do a better job than the current manager you have. You start to think about the possibility of being a manager. Pretty soon you start to believe you really have the ability to be a manager. Your thoughts start to match what you see in your minds eye and your whole belief system has been changed. You cross the C-Level line and interview for the managers position a few times and eventually get it. You have now stepped over to stand in-between the C – B-Level Line

B-Level Lines – This line represents a complete confidence in yourself and your abilities to do anything in life. You have most things you want in life including a happy family, friends, money, success and you are completely content with life. You do not need to have all the trappings of a financially successful life to have crossed the B-Level Line as it is a psychological state rather than a materialistic outlook. However, most people gauge their success on what they have in life and how psychologically, spiritually and mentally confident they are.

The only reason to cross the A-Level line is for spiritual reasons and it is a level of personal development that is attained naturally rather than a line that is raced toward.

A-Level Lines – This is what Maslow would have called self actualization and it is the line that will be crossed when we no longer need, nor desire the material things in life and we turn our awareness inwards and outwards at the same time.

Crossing this line is not a goal: it is a level of personal development.

Sub-D Line

The sub D Line is where a lot of people reside. These are the people who lack motivation, lack the will to help themselves or other people and have been in this state for a long time.

I am not talking about people who have an illness or disability of some kind, or who have lost their jobs due to redundancy or illness etc I am talking about the people who have the mentality that the world owes them something due to the fact that they are living and breathing. More than likely these people will be aged 30+ and will have never had a job in their life and have lived of benefits all their life and expect handouts for the rest of it. It is a case of take, take, take without ever giving anything back in return.

I say aged 30+ as we tend to make a mental shift in our late 20s, our whole perspective on life shifts somehow and we can expect to contribute more to the world.

Crossing the lines

Crossing the lines is something I discuss, in much more detail, in my new book 'Crossing The Lines', which will be due out at the end of January 2010.

In it's very basic form we can cross the lines by first becoming the state we want to reach in life. There is no secret here, but you may have heard the details of what to do in a fragmented form, meaning you have only been given part of the blueprint.

To cross a line, any of them, you have to be on the other side of the line in your mind before you can actually cross over to it. This means working on your beliefs, values, principles, emotions and state of mind.

It can be just as hard to cross from the sub-D line to the D-Level line as it is crossing from the C-Level Line to the B-Level Line, everybody will be different.

Looking at your beliefs – If you don't believe you can really cross the line, you never will.

Looking at your emotions – Your emotions are extremely important in this and if you can get them attuned to where you want to go you will have a much greater chance of success.

Looking at your values – If your values are out of alignment with the new state you are trying to reach you will not get there either. For example if you want to reach the state of being wealthy and you have been told all your life that wealth is bad, it's dirty money etc you will not reach your desired state.

Looking at your state of mind – This is about having a confident consciousness whereby everything comes together in your mind in preparation for crossing the lines.

I hope this has given some food for thought and I will be sending out more information and videos over the coming weeks about 'Crossing The Lines'

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