Create Your Own World Theory

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Creating a parallel you

There are many things we wish we could change about ourselves: being more productive, being thinner, being financially well off, being more intelligent: and a whole host of other attributes that we would want for ourselves.

Imagine a world where there are multiple you's, there is another you walking about who is 14 pounds lighter, there is yet another you who is 14 pounds heavier, there is another you who is a millionaire and there is another you who is homeless and destitute. Sounds like science fiction but we cannot say for sure that this theory is not true.


Your world is just a theory

Now it may be hard to imagine a world like this, after all it's just fiction posited by some mad science fiction writers. Not so, there are now many scientists working with superstring theory and other theories that postulate that our world is possibly made of lots of worlds all within a millimetre of each. One such theory called the M-Theory brings together all other superstring theories and is a complex and unfinished theory, which proposes that there could be multiple universes existing side by side.

What the hell do theories have to do with our lives. Well if we think about it, we are living our life based on theories.

  • We believe that the study of psychology is a science, therefore fact, when in fact it is all based on theories.
  • We believe in evolution when it is really based on a theory, albeit a very convincing theory.
  • Most of us believe in a God of some kind; yet again another theory and a belief system, one that most people get angry about when questioned.

Now these three statements alone are a huge part of most people's lives but they are all theories and nothing more. Yes, there has been evidence put forward for evolution, there has been studies carried out in psychology but they are still nothing more than theories.

Our own world theory

Why not come up with our own world theories? A lot of us do not think we are intelligent enough to come up with a theory and leave it to scientists to do that kind of stuff. A scientist is someone who has managed to get a great education and has undoubtedly studied hard and spent their lives, some of them, studying a specific field. However that does not mean their theories are any more valid than our theories.

Beliefs and theories

We live our lives based on the theories of the world and we base our beliefs around some of these theories. What about if we change our beliefs and our theories about the world.

I am not suggesting proposing a theory of the universe, although it is possible, but rather come up with micro-theories and change our lives around them.

For example, imagine a world where there were multiple universes and another you is living your dream life in another universe. Now imagine seeing the other person knowing that you are living 1 millimetre apart and the time difference between your dream life and your current life is whatever you want it to be. For example, a thin you is only 1 millimetre away but may be  1 year apart. You now know you will reach one of your ultimate goals; to be thin. Knowing this could change your perspective and your life.

Now it is just crazy thinking stuff like this as it is not true! Who is to say it's not true? You are living your life based on theories, make your own theories and make them work for you.

Question your beliefs and live your own theories.

I think a lot of us live our lives without questioning our beliefs. I know I have spoken about this before but it is worth re-iterating. Question everything you believe in. We have based our lives on what other people have told us when we were young and we have been brainwashed to a degree, we naturally believe our parents, teachers and the media when we are children, but our parents were conditioned when they were children by their parents and teachers,  and their parents and teachers  conditioned them.

We are all special enough to question ourselves, our beliefs, and the theories of the world.

I have worked on many micro-theories about my own life and they are working out great for me, and I believe every single one of us can do the same.

Live your life, your way, by your own rules, by your own theories.


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