Connecting to your inner core

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Sometimes I feel like my life gets covered over by unimportant
things and I lose my inner core. Its hard to explain but things like work, trivial
arguments, trivial tasks, bills, social events etc all paint over what's
really important to me. My life and my inner core is my family and somewhere
along the way the fact that they are my inner core gets forgotten. It's
like pouring syrup over me which is hard to get out of.

It's very easy to get covered in this syrup and a lot of people don't
recognise it until its too late.

Ask yourself the question:

What is my inner core? (What do you most cherish in the world and want to
spend more time doing or being with?)

core_valuesIt could be your family
It might be a passion you have
It might be spending time with yourself
It could be anything

If you vaguely understand what I mean here you might be sitting
saying "˜yes,
I know what you mean'. I have felt like this for a few weeks and
thought about ways to clean the syrup from my core and here is what I have
come up with.

  • Take a day off work. Simple and yet the hardest
    thing to do for some people. I am in the middle of a project just now
    which I get a lot of phone calls from clients etc but I took the day off. I
    left my phone in the office and stayed at home. The kids were
    at school and my wife had a day of Uni so we went shopping together and then
    for a coffee at Borders, it was brilliant. When I went in the next
    day, nothing had changed, no world crisis, no emergencies just a few enquiries. It's
    a sad fact but we can all be replaced at work quite easily, we might be missed
    but we can be replaced. Remember this if you are doing more than
    your fair share.
  • Make a point to spend time with your passion everyday. By
    this I mean real time. If your passion is your wife, sit down and
    talk, not over dinner or in bed at night, talk and let each other know
    how much they mean to you.
  • Spend time with the kids. They grow up so quickly
    it's frightening.
  • Get the little things out of the way. Little things
    we have to do niggle us and are in the back of our minds. Get
    them done and out of the way so you can concentrate on your inner core and
    what's important.
  • Get the housework done. When we work in a clean
    environment if frees our mind energy to concentrate on more important things.
  • Do less of what takes you away from you. If you
    work lots of hours every day work 1 less hour per day and spend it with your
    inner core.

Deep down you know what your inner core is and you
know where it is not. By
this I mean you know what you want in life and you know the things that steal
the energy which keeps you away from what you want. Think about this
often and figure out small ways which leads you back to your inner core. The
small things done every day will soon build up to be the main thing in your


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