Christmas And My Newly Published Book

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I sincerely hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted.

christmasWe had a great family Christmas and my wife and I cooked for 10 of the family , we watched Jamie Oliver's 'Christmas with the family' series and took inspiration from that. I made the stuffing, the gravy and the Christmas strudel pudding. My wife, who done the majority, was in charge of the tables, which were beautiful, the starters and the main meal. After dinner and a bit of relaxation we played games including 'Articulate', which got a bit heated but was great fun.

Boxing day was spent with my side of the family on the other side of the country. It is now a tradition. that we go over to Fife.   It was another successful day, but it's good to be be back home, so yesterday we vegged out and watched movies all day, couldn't do that everyday: I need to be busy.

So back to normal today and I have some great news.

My New Book On Amazon

I am really excited to say that I have recently published a book and it is now available on Amazon. I have always had a dream to write a book and it started from the age of 14 after reading some Harold Robbins books. The book '100 Ways To Develop Your mind' is a little different from Harold Robbins
and is an expanded version of the post of the same title.

After all the free stuff I have been publishing on the blog for 3 years and the great feedback I have had I wanted to finally publish a physical book that people could buy and keep. eBooks are great and I love writing them but there's nothing like a book to hold in your hands.

I published this through Createspace. It was a steep learning curve and has taken me about 3 weeks from beginning to end after I had completed the book.

This was part of my 2009 goals which I set for myself and I wanted to write about it before the end of 2009 as I took Jonathan Well's Make It Happen challenge in September.

If you buy the book I would love it if you could review it on Amazon and let me know what you think.

Click on the image to purchase 100 Ways To Develop Your Mind


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