Change Your Habits to Manifest Abundance

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So you have been dreaming about living a life of your dreams. It is nice to fantasize about becoming a successful entrepreneur, having a resort house by the beach, a fast car or the ability to travel in style. Your dreams make you smile whenever you think of them. However, in the flick of a second, you realize that dreaming has also brought up a whole plethora of negative emotions from fear, doubt, envy, shame and so on.

Yes, visualizing is a great exercise. However, at the same time, there is no denying that your negative thoughts and feelings related to achieving your dreams have been causing you to feel down. Instead of feeling uplifted, you experience a drain in your energy shortly after. And you become caught in a downward spiral for the day.

What you need to understand is this: your current habit patterns of thought, words and behavior "“ which essentially affects your paradigm "“ have already attracted your current situation. This means that if you are hoping for something better than what you are currently already enjoying, you would need to make a change. In energetic terms, you would need to move vibrationally upwards in order to attract a new set of reality. The Law of Attraction explains it as "like attracts like".

Conscious intent for change


So if you are habitually having negative thoughts and feeling poor, then it is time to make a conscious intent for change. How are habits formed in the first place? Through conditioning. It may be through your parents, caregivers, friends, teachers, and so on. Conditioning usually starts at a young age. Via repeated affirming experiences, a habit is formed. Or you simply have adopted the belief that you have as told. Over time, the act, behavior or thought becomes an automatic response from you.

Habits are not all that bad to begin with. A regular habit of brushing teeth or drinking water is a good one. Adopting habits offer routines to help us organize our lives. However, without awareness, it is possible to have cultivated bad habits that sabotages our well-being. We are not usually conscious of these until we repeatedly find ourselves being held back because of our bad habits.

Bad habits can take the form of using vulgar words, for instance. Since words arise from seeds of thoughts in the first place, you would be aware that the mind has not having a negative thinking. When expressed with plenty of emotions, the vulgar words have a strong energetic resonance to them. Most certainly, a habit of spewing vulgarity would be unhelpful if you are hoping to exude love, patience and expansiveness "“ all important attributes to abundance.

Someone once said to me, "no change is necessary because it comes from a place of dissatisfaction from the self. And if we understand how complete we are, all that we are motivated to move towards is not necessary." There are some nuggets of truth but allow me to explain my perspective to make things clearer.

Change is best viewed not as a "have to" or "must". It is really more like a flow. A constant flow. To begin with, everything in life is in a state of flow. And change is innate in life's second-to-second movements. So when we loosen up to our shoulds and musts, we become more at peace with the change. There is no destination that we are hoping to reach. We come from a space of moving into alignment rather than a disatisfaction. We are not reacting to the moments of apparent conflict. We allow our true self to unfold.

And hence, if we choose to view "change" appropriately, then the shift happens "“ with much ease.

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