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[audio: Blast.mp3] is offering a binaural beat recording which is going to have you revved up with energy ready to tackle the day ahead. This binaural beat's effect will last for a few hours after listening to it and is guaranteed to be unlike any other binaural recording you have ever heard.

brain 1The music is from a very talented composer called Eddy from Dream ED and is entitled Dream Xperience. You can get more of Dream ED's music from Jemendo

With this recording you will need to wear earphones to get the full effect of the Binaural beats interlaced throughout the music. is my own project and offers you a binaural recording every week along with a guided meditation and an eBook every month on personal development. The membership is only $15 but will be going up to $25 per month very soon. If you want me to help you change your life in every way this membership will help you create the change you want from relaxation, a better memory, developing ESP, manifesting your desires and to help you meditate quicker than you have ever experienced Binaural-Heaven will do it for you every week.

How can Binaural Beats change your life?

From the moment I started using Binaural Beats over 10 years ago I have seen a huge change in my thinking and they have undoubtedly helped to shape the person I am today. Then last year I started selling some great binaural beats as an affiliate. Now I have researched the subject and have been making my own downloads for the last 6 months and have had some great feedback.

Binaural beats can help in a multitude of ways. For example when I first started using them I wanted to use it for Lucid dreaming which I did to great effect. I then wanted them for meditational purposes, again they have helped me tremendously and I still use them for meditation and I have found it the best meditation aid going. A lot of people now use them for healing, for manifesting their desires, developing their ESP to tap into the Christ and Shaman consciousness in fact they can help in nearly every area of your life.

Binaural beats is an extremely effective way of changing your life and has no adverse side effects.

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