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Even after working 9 to 5 for the last decade, we still hate waking up in the morning. Some people were born for the morning and some of us definitely weren't! Scientifically speaking though, we are actually all born to be "morning people." We have something inside of us called the circadian rhythm, a natural phenomenon that tells our bodies to kick it into gear when the sun comes up, and tells us to shut down when it becomes dark out. As humans we have created a society where we need to be functional all day long, and it has been ruining our connection with our natural rhythm ever since. It's actually quite easy to start loving the morning, and here's a few ways to do it.

morning1. Go to sleep.

There's an interesting advertisement in Canada from the Dairy Farmers of Canada that airs in between YouTube videos. It's a 15 second short of a couple of farmers falling asleep. That's it; it's not trying to sell anything, it's just pointing out some natural healthy habits. Today we are addicted to coffee, television, smartphones and anything else we can stimulate ourselves with. We need to put down the phone, and just go to sleep. Go to sleep earlier and relax your mind for a nice night's sleep, and you will wake up hours before your alarm without expecting it.

2. Stretches!

It's lovely to roll out of bed (and back into it), but try rolling out of bed and doing some stretches. Google a couple of big, yoga-type stretches that are easy to do and require little acrobatics, and get your blood circulating in the morning. Reach for the stars for five minutes and your body will feel ready to go as soon as you step out of your bedroom.

3. Don't drink coffee – drink water

I know this one is hard to digest! Studies have shown that drinking coffee in the morning is a horrible habit and in fact you can find much more natural energy from sources like orange juice and fruits. When we wake up our bodies are naturally dehydrated and the last thing you should do is drink a beverage that further dehydrates you. Wake up with a glass of water before your bed and put it in you before you leave. You need to fill your brain with water so you can wake up and function properly. It's a great feeling and you are starting your day right.

4. Do not skip breakfast.

Use Step 1 to get yourself up earlier and let yourself time to make and eat breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day for a reason. During the morning and afternoon your body's metabolism is at it's fastest time in the day. You become hungrier through less energy usage and you will start to become irritable and angry throughout the day if you are not energizing yourself properly. Have a good breakfast of fruits, proteins and water-related foods (ie. not leftover pizza) and give your brain a boost for the rest of the day.

5. Watch something funny.

Many of us wake up and listen to music or watch politics and other things that interest us. Great! How about something funny? If there's a comedian you like or a silly show that may or may not be a guilty pleasure, give yourself a dose in the morning before you leave the house. Sit down for breakfast and see something funny. It will stimulate your mind and give you a smile first thing in the morning.

6. Go for a walk.

Sometimes leaving the house is reserved for "going to work" and "going grocery shopping" but if you have 5 minutes of time to kill before your routine starts, take it to the streets. Going for a walk will get your body going and wake up your entire self. You can smell the fresh air of your neighbourhood and maybe see some of your neighbours out and about as well. You may get a dose of people, fresh air , and a bit of exercise before you get ready for work. It will make you feel like you already had a few things to do before work, when you actually didn't. By the time it's time for work, you will be double ready!

7. Read something inspirational.

It doesn't have to be anything special really – just something to get your mind going. Having something to think about while you drive to work will let you think about your life and get you problem solving before you have to do anything work based. You need your whole body active in order to attack a new day – including your mind. Give your brain some brain food first thing to put yourself in second gear – at least!

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