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I have just discovered a great blogging tool. You might have noticed
on the sidebar you can leave an audio message for me by clicking on “˜leave
me a message’ on “˜My Voicemail’. I have put the link to it above and my wife kindly left me a message to test it out (No I didn’t pay her to say those kind words!). This is a great tool

It allows readers to leave an audio comment without having to use any software
download. You do need a headphone with a mic, or just a mic plugged in
but that’s it. Why not try it and see how easy it is to leave a
message. You can leave a 2 minute message. This is free so why
not try it on your blog.

I think this is a great tool for all bloggers as it encourages bloggers to
interact more and hearing messages of “˜thank you’ from other people
will give your blog a higher trust ranking in the minds of your readers.

I discovered this when visiting another great site which
gives great advice for business bloggers. She is doing what I am trying
to achieve with

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