An Amazing Thing About Your Ear That Will Baffle You

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Besides the fact that our ears are great for hearing and they look beautiful with diamonds and long shiny sparkly things hanging from them, they are also great for treating ailments and emotional issues. Who knew, right? Ask any acupuncturist or massage therapist and they will tell you the ears, and other body parts are not used to their greatest benefits. They do more than just the obvious.

How many foot charts have you seen that show numerous pressure points on the soles of your feet that will treat just about any ailment you have? Our hands, as well, have pressure points that we can massage to make any pain go away. Well the ear has a fabulous little secret too. Though its points may not cover the whole body, what it does cover will surprise you.


The Gate of Heaven or the Shen Men point of your ear is located in the upper part of that little crook in the inner part (see diagram) and this great little point not only relieves stress but does these things too:

  • Strengthens your health
  • Decreases stress
  • Boosts your energy
  • Suppresses inflammation and addictions and
  • Relieves pain in any part of your body.

So you can see this tiny little pressure point can still cover a lot of ground. Like any pressure point massaging, you will need to make sure you are relaxed and in a stress free zone, which just means make sure there are no loud distractions around you and you are totally mindful of the exercise you are about to engage in.

  1. Use a soft tipped object, such as a Q-Tip or any other thing of that nature
  2. Breathe in and out softly and be calm
  3. Press this point with your soft tipped object and gently massage it
  4. While breathing in look left, breathing out, look left

You can also use your fingertips to do this but make sure it is comfortable to do so (you're not getting scratched by your fingernail). You can rub your point for as long as it feels good. You can continue to do so even after you have treated your ailment or what ever it is that was troubling or hurting you. You w ill see that this massaging is very soothing and relaxing.   Any time afterwards when you feel stress, anxiety or are suffering from any slight pain, grab your so ft tip object and rub away. You can do this anywhere too and no one would be the wiser.

Next time you start feeling stressed out, massage your ear.   And breathe, don't forget to breathe. You'll be calm in no time.

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