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9 Ways to Keep Your Motivation High

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Motivation is a fickle beast that seems to come and go for many of us. With only so many hours in the day it is important to try to suck the potential for productivity out of every moment, but how can we keep the will to go on? These 9 things will help keep you driven and directed with your motivation.

1. Set an Intention 

It is hard to keep motivated when there aren't specific terms that look at the bigger picture rather than just focusing on the smaller task.  Spend the time to think about short-term and long-term goals for yourself. This way when you are wondering "what is the point of it all" as you toil away at some task you have a specific answer to that question.

2. Anticipate the Confidence 

There is nothing like achieving something to help us feel confident and accomplished. Whenever you are feeling a spurt of lack of motivation coming on remind yourself how good it feels when a task is finally all finished up.

3. Momentum 

Once something is set in motion it keeps going, that is a scientific fact. To get yourself started on anything, all you have to do is begin. It really is that simple. Don't waste a bunch of time and energy putting it off, because once you get the ball rolling everything becomes a lot easier.

4. Snowball Effect

Remember every small task that we achieve layers on top of one and another. To achieve our larger goals we first have to start with a small snowball then continuously roll it until we get the base of the snow man. Don't start thinking about dressing the snow man until you continue to work on all of the building blocks required.

5. Influence over Others 

Whether from guilt or some divine spark, when other people see other people busy, it makes than more than likely to start doing working themselves. Know that every time that you are working hard it influences everyone who sees your action, progress and success. Ultimately, by beginning to improve your live through productivity, you help people improve the lives of those surrounding you.

6. Use Natural Energy Cycles 

Our body has natural energy cycles that fluctuate through out the day. Use your peak energy to do productive things that take a lot of energy and focus. Use your natural lulls to do mindless tasks, take a break or go exercise.

7.  Take a Vacation 

Every now and again we need some time to reset and let go. By taking a vacation your allow your brain and body a much needed break from the daily grind. When you come back you'll be refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

8. Add Variety 

Sticking to the same routine definitely has its benefits, but a little variety really add some spice to the day. Figure out a new or better way to do a regular task. Re-organize the way that you go about your day. Find some small ways to change up your day for the better, so that you can enjoy experiencing something new integrated into your routine.

9. Consider Doing Something Else 

If you feel as if it is hard to motivate to do anything, perhaps it is your intuition telling you it is a time for  a change. Sit down and examine your personal and professional life. Is this the way you really want to live? How can you improve things to make yourself feel more enthusiastic about life? Sometimes when we go astray from our goals, it is time to set out on a new path that we can really put our whole being into.

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