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8 Ways To Restart Your Manifestation Prowess!

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Recently I have been remembering my younger (pre teens) years diary journaling.

I used to write down things that I wanted to feel or achieve in a school term. No-one had told me to do this, it was all my creation and no-one else in my family was doing it either. I was a bit weird if we measure it against normal in those days I suppose.

I carried this on until my late 30's and used to do it randomly and include things for other people in my journal. I remember my sister asking me to write something in it and then as it happened she couldn't help but call me a witch, it was a joke, I think!!!

I stopped in my late 30's. Why? I can't really fathom it myself and if I am trying to be kind I may say so I could get into a great big pickle for a few years and then find my way out if it so there was authenticity in what I write and share. Yes, probably as I have a habit of breaking things and as a spiritual geek or anorak as I call myself, once I am over the emotional and mental trauma, or remember that my soul can help I connect and navigate a new way out for me or implement things from my past that worked that I stopped doing!!!

The late part of my 30's was pretty transformational and terrifying. I was torn between spiritual and material stuff believing in the separation and this inner war that was raging and confusion about who I was triggered me to not only forget what I did that worked it was also the catalyst for me to forget who I was. This wasn't so bad as I was shedding the illusions and moving from should to soul flow.

Now you might be wondering, yes but what has this got to why I am not manifesting.

My greatest lesson from this hitting my "˜naughties' (AKA forties) was that without a process that you consciously understand and can access at times when you "˜need' and "˜want' to up the power towards what you want to manifest you are heading for struggle at best.

I want to share with you some simple manifestation techniques that I use and give you the framework for filling in with your processes too. There are a gazillion processes within this framework and I am not even going to attempt to share them all, so that will be for you to research and learn. If you are like me then the hunger to learn "˜new' is more than a short attention span being satiated it is really about a desire to strip oneself bare of illusions and go deeper and deeper towards the soul and ultimately spirit. The journey with no end!

The Soul Agent's Manifestation Framework:

1. Get clear on what you want.

Don't waffle or complicate it. Get clear then dream about it on purpose. Let your imagination start the work. Through dreaming you get to metaphorically "˜try on' what you want. It really is fun. Other ways are by journaling, setting an intent (not intention)"¦and of course add your own here too.

2. Write this down in your most magical journal.

Describe it as it has happened and write nothing else in this journal. Purely for manifestation. Then leave that journal unless you are manifesting something else. See it as a magical book where the energy builds. It's a bit ritualistic however rituals are super ways to get your energy aligned.

3. Create a simple daily action to support you

"“ affirmations are perfect for this and brilliant as magic wands as I call them!

4. Go deep into your inner world to uncover hidden patterns.

It's too easy to step into the generalism of, oh I don't think I am worthy/deserving/good enough"¦yes, they may be the seed but they too have a manifestation in your life. Recently I discovered a hidden pattern that was I was looking for rescue in a certain area of my life which is why I was not "˜allowing' it to succeed. Inner work is such a must, as without it is like having a car and never refuelling and then wondering why it you can't get it to start. D'oh. Get help in this. Go to an expert. Don't try and fix anything yourself as you will already be in the shadow energy as there isn't anything to fix! Just resolve!

5. If you are manifesting something big or something that you realise you have some fear about

"“ like will it work, will I be OK, etc etc then do some "˜fear detox' work. Fears are placed in our lives because they serve a purpose and if they are capturing your attention and have popped out from your sub-conscious then your soul has you "˜set-up' for an opportunity to resolve this energy. So wink and do something or get upset"¦!

6. Take action

"“ two fold first as if it whatever it is has manifested. An old Shamanic exercise I teach at live workshops is to walk with the "˜feeling' of whatever you want to manifest. Carry your body in that way, hold the image of what you want to manifest having come to fruition and smile. It exudes from your energy and helps you to attract what you want. The second aspect of this is: take grounded action and if you have to take some risks, just don't be reckless. An example of this was a few years ago I wanted to run a manifestation workshop at The Ritz in London. My list was relatively small and my then business coaches were saying, no, don't. You will fail. I thank them as I am a bit of a rebel and thought oh yeah, we'll see. Risk #1! My Risk#2 was The Ritz were like payment in full in advance with minimum numbers, it didn't come cheap as you can imagine! It worked and this was in fact soon after I re-established my manifestation gift! This is where an action plan comes to play, remember the Divine Plan – well if it's good enough for the Universe to plan then it is totally acceptable for anyone to plan. Just keep it simple and divine! Nothing complex!

7. Don't drop the energy of what you want.

When doubt, fear, or what appears to be adverse kicks in   – don't lose focus on what you want and ask the Universe, your guides and your Higher Self to show you and then get on with your day. Don't wait for a reply as they will come to you in the most magical of ways. Wait and you will go off course!

8. Trust trust trust and then trust some more.

Something magical or equal to what you desire will be happening, let the Universe know you trust her by not "˜over thinking' or getting too emotional and if or when that appears to happen   – go to your soul and to point 4 and/or go out and lighten up. Seriously if you don't manifest that new car you will not die! Giggling is a way of bringing light heartedness to all you do and quite literally lets the light in.

Over to you, what tips and processes would you add to this framework? Leave me a comment on what has struck you about my story and framework.

It really is simple to manifest as we are doing it all the time, and as you bring consciousness back to it you can start to get more of what you want, not just need and start to flow into the stream of your potential, purpose and prosperity with a great big dollop of confidence. You know that inner knowing that whatever occurs all is well because you have the framework to manifest which is like being able to drive your life whatever pothole or road block appears.


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