8 Ways to Create Good Karma and Why It's a Must.

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Ah Karma. Should have been a 4 letter word for the number of times it gets dropped. You hear it so often now. "Karma will get her".   When I hear that this is the first thing that pops in my head: "the monster in the closet that's hungry and angry will get her just as soon as she opens this door".   Yes, that's karma. Angry and hungry waiting to pounce on the last person who tested it. Karma doesn't sound so good. But wait, isn't there such a thing as good karma? Sure there is. Unfortunately, though, most people associate the word karma with bad luck and consequences.

Clearly, Karma is a "What comes around goes around" energy, right? You do good, good things come back to you. Good karma. Do bad? You're doomed and suddenly everyone wants to be a fly on the wall when your doom strikes. Are there ways to avoid the bad karma and have more of the good kind? Of course there is.

Stop lying.  

Ouch. That's a big one, right? We all are guilty of the little white lie. Sometimes we don't stop there though and it ends up snowballing. Next thing you know, you got a big ass lie on your hands and you're doomed. So just stop. Always always tell the truth, even if it isn't good and no one wants to hear it. In the end, it's just a better way to go.

Try being nicer instead of being mean.

This one sounds pretty easy. Quit being a bitch. If you want good things to happen to you then you have to actually start being a good person. All good should start with you.

Be kind to strangers.

It's easy to be kind to our friends and family but for some, being kind to a stranger isn't so easy. We feel awkward or embarrassed. You shouldn't feel like this. Being kind to a stranger is probably one of the most satisfying things you can do. Not only that, it's great for the karma.

Think positive thoughts even when it's almost impossible to do so.

You know those times when you just want to wish hateful shit on everyone? Ya don't do that. Stay positive and wish them only peace and joy and love. Trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself.


Your time and energy should all be loving and peaceful. Kind and nurturing. No matter where you are or who you are with. There should always be love in your actions. Yes I know, sounds tough, but try it for a day, and then another day and keep going.


Take time to breathe in good energy and breathe out all the bad jujubes. Breathe in good thoughts about a person or situation and breathe out any life sucking hate you have stored up inside. Meditation is by far, the best natural medicine for just about anything. The best part? It's free and you can do it anywhere.

Redeem yourself.

Ok ok I know some of you are saying "No way" but listen up. You know you did something wrong, maybe the other guy had a hand in this too. That doesn't matter. We don't care about the other guy, we only care about creating good karma for you. Take the time to make up for what you did. If there is an apology owing, then go make it. Don't be the reason someone holds a grudge.

Forgive yourself and others.

Yup another big one. Don't be the one holding the grudge. Makes no sense really. Forgive and let go. If you are the one that feels guilty about something you did, even if it was a long time ago, forgive yourself and release it. It serves no purpose now anyway. Forgiveness is freedom. Freedom is happiness. And happiness is good.

Many of us spend too much time whining and complaining about all the bad that is happening to us yet we don't realize that we are the ones that are actually creating it. I know that's a hard pill to swallow but it's true. I will say, however, that I wouldn't blame 100% of the bad things on karma but I'd put the percentage up there pretty high anyway.

Want the bad things to stop? Do and think good, and good will be returned back to you tenfold.

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