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8 Things Truly Authentic People Do

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Some of us like to blend in, fit in and feel like we belong to a bigger part of something, the rest of us, not so much. Some of us could not care any less if we belonged or fit in anywhere. In our world, we fit perfectly and that's really all that matters. Being authentic takes time. Some of us are naturally authentic while for some, it is something that eventually happens after years of learning, growing, evolving and sometimes, not putting up with anyone's bullshit anymore.

Authentic people are a rare and beautiful bunch. There are some things they do so differently and quite often mistaken for arrogant or conceited, maybe even full of themselves. Such is not the case at all. They just got their stuff together is all. So what are some of the things that truly authentic people do?

voices1. They'll stand alone.

If there is a cause they firmly believe in, they will stand alone if they have to. They don't care if no one will support them or stand with them. They don't even care if people laugh at them or ridicule them. They don't care one bit. If it's something they support strongly, they'll be there, alone if necessary.

2. Speak their mind.

Don't expect any sugar coating opinions or debates from the authentic person. They will tell it like it is. They have a strong voice, they have an opinion and they aren't afraid to show and use both. They aren't trying to be bold or ignorant, they just have something pretty serious to say.

3. Hang out with like minded people.

They don't even bother wasting time on small or narrowed minded people. There is no time to be wasted on fake people. Authentic people will either repel people or draw them in. Only another authentic person will totally understand them anyway.

4. Gut instinct.

That's a serious thing and they listen to and pay attention to theirs always. It isn't anything to be ignored and they never will. They know their intuition is always spot on and ignoring it comes with serious consequences. They listen to their gut and encourage others to do so as well.

5. Appreciate and love alone time.

This is their time to hang out wit h themselves, listen to the music they love, just be themselves, alone and enjoying their own company. They don't always have to be around people and even in a relationship, they still expect so me alone time. They appreciate it and give it back. And they aren't afraid of being alone.

6. People detox.

They know when it's completely necessary to do this. Some people just don't fit into our lives for whatever reason and they won't waste time with people who are fake or not mentally stimulating enough. They will keep their circle small because quality friendships are far more important than the quantity.

7. No apology necessary.

Ever. They rarely apologize for who they are or why they are the way they are. They are completely and totally comfortable in their own skin and make no apologies if they feel someone is shocked, put off or uncomfortable. They are who they are and you will either love them or hate them but one thing is for certain, if you don't accept them for who they are , they could not care less.

8. They don't try to impress.

They will wear what they want, when they want without inhibitions. Whether it be flowers in their hair, striped leggings, headbands and dreadlocks, they stay true to their style and fashion sense (even though some of us think their fashion is way out there) and wear it with pride. They love who they are and aren't afraid to let people know.

You could say the authentic person is a free spirit. A lover, giver, fighter, advocate, charmer or whatever else but one thing remains true, they are who they are, unapologetically.

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