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6 Reasons You Should Start Keeping A Diary

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Holding the dreams of little high school girls everywhere, keeping a daily diary or journal has often been perceived as the pastime of lost-in-the-clouds adolescence thanks to Hollywood and its environs. Many see it as a waste of time or space, resulting in a bunch of ratty looking books laying around the house. But keeping a daily journal has a wealth of real world benefits. Let's check out a few observations here.

past1. Get Off Your Phone/Computer

I am all for technology these days and without it I'm sure we would all be hopelessly lost. What was life like before the internet anyways? As much as we love being connected, it's nice to accept some reprieve for a bit. Instead of falling asleep to your Facebook feed, try writing a journal of your day instead. Scribe about the weather, who you talked to, your financial upkeep, and any funny observations. You'll be amazed how great it feels to write long hand and appreciate your handwriting again, and be able to reflect on the pros and cons of your day, and how you can make every day matter.

2. Stop To Smell The Roses

A popular expression can be applied to our examination here. Keeping a journal allows us to keep track of interesting events…that we didn't even know happened! Imagine keeping a journal for the next five years. In the future, you can look back and laugh at all the interesting things your past self noticed, and compare it to your observations in real time. You will appreciate your eye for the little things, and gives you something to consider for the rest of your life.

3. A Healthy Mind

Being able to document every day allows you to travel back in time. Instead of stressing about times and dates, you will easily be able to relive moments from years ago – to the day! Not only is this entertaining to do with friends, but you are also expanding your capacity for long term memory, and staving off any early onset of Alzheimer's or similar brain deterioration. Your ability to remember particular moments will always be fresh, and you can be proud of the life you lived up til now.

4. A Living Timepiece

These days we have to wait for movies to come out, next episodes to air, and new music to be released. But in keeping a diary, we don't have to wait for anything. Every day, you are at the helm of a literary masterpiece, controlled by you. And you don't have to limit yourself to writing about your day – soon after you develop comfort with a pen you will be writing about your thoughts, feelings, emotions and observations. Becoming comfortable with yourself and your life. Making better decisions. Watching your life happen every day in real time. You can change and adjust it as you go, weighing your positive and negative qualities to round out your soul. And who couldn't use a little soul food?

5. Creating A New Healthy Routine

If your daily routine today consists of waking up, turning off your alarm clock (on your phone) and opening up the news on Facebook, you may end up seeing it from the other side. Instead, keeping a daily journal let's you open up a new hobby, one using pen, paper, and the power of your mind. You may start writing poetry as you go, or recounting funny things, opening up your sense of humour and letting you explore yourself. You don't have to be creative to write a journal – but who knows what's going to come out?

6. The Satisfaction of Creating Something

Art is essential in our society, but at the base level every new piece of art is simply something that wasn't there before. When you start a new journal, you have the satisfaction of creating something that wasn't there before. A document. A news report. An autobiography – of you! After one year of consistent journaling, you have written an entire book – about your life! Can you call your life a work of art? Absolutely! You certainly can now. So go outside, buy a new notebook and a pen you like, and start scribing. Who knows who will read about your amazing life in the future.

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