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5 Powerful Things Happen When You Follow Your Intuition.

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If you've ever had that gut feeling thing happen to you then you've had an intuitive moment. Did you ignore it or follow it? Intuition is the warning signal we get that is trying to tell us we should pay heed to something that doesn't feel right, sit right, we ma y be in danger or the person you just met is not who they say they are. It signals plenty of dangers but that's not the only thing it tells us. Intuition also gives us good signals. That butterfly in your tummy feeling can be regarded as your intuition as well, and that's a good feeling.

Intuition is described as this: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Hand choosing a hanging key amongst other ones.No reasoning, we just get it. We feel it and we know it. Period. It has also been referred to as "The Sixth Sense" or that "inner voice". Whatever you want to call it, we've all had it at one time or another. W hat you do with it is a totally different story. You've heard people say, follow your gut, let your intuit ion be your guide and listen to that voice. Well there's a reason they say that. Actually there are a few reasons why you should not be ignoring your intuition.

1. You avoid regret.

That moment when your gut was clearly telling you that the situation you were about to enter was bad and you walked away, only to find out a week later that it in fact was really really bad. If you get the danger signal s, pay attention! Sometimes regret is a terrible price to pay.

2. Work out those muscles.

Ok so intuition isn't a real muscle like your biceps or your quadriceps but it certainly acts like one and it can be quite strong like one at times. When you don't exercise your intuition it will weaken. So much in fact, that soon it will lay dormant and you will never be able to feel it or use it.   Don't let that happen. Your intuition is a priceless "muscle".

3. Helps with spiritual growth.

Intuition is not ego based but heart centered with a little help from our brain. When we take ego out of the equation we open up more to the spiritual side of ourselves and with that allow our hearts to play a role in our decision making process.

4. Good job.

You just had a brilliant idea for your company and your gut is telling you to follow through. Just go with it. You bring your idea to the table and your boss and co-workers love it and think you are a genius (well you probably are anyway). Never silence your gut, especially if it feels really good.   Embrace it, be bold and act upon it. You never know what the end result will be. See tip #1.

5. Lend a helping hand.

A lot of us are very in tune with our friends or family members. When your friend Sally is telling you about a great new thing that's happened to her but something inside of you is screaming a warning, let her know. Do not ignore it. It could possibly save her from disaster, heart break or a serious let down. Let he r know how you feel and maybe just tell her to be careful. How would you feel if you didn't and something bad did happen to her? Don't let it pass. Act on it.

I understand that intuition isn't always the easiest thing to do identify either. Is it our head, our heart, fear or our gut talking? You will know fear immediately because it says no to everything right away. Your intuition is just a niggly feeling, not always an automatic no. As you practice listening to and following your intuition, you will be able to recognize better. One thing is for certain though, when you can identify it, don't ignore it.

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