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8 Lies Your Mind Believes That Keeps You From Moving Forward

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Limiting beliefs. You've heard that term a thousand times. You probably have read it in some self help eBook or manifesto. What limiting beliefs really are are the lies your mind tells you. That's it that's all. Your mind freaks out over all kinds of things and it tells you a lot of lies. Lies that we usually end up believing.

limiting_beliefsWhat are some of them? I've listed 8 below but your mind may even have a few of its own. Does your mind tell you any of these lies?

1. You're not smart enough.

This is a biggie. Smart is relative. We are all smart at various different things but you won't know if you are smart enough for something if you don't at least give it a try. Is it trying to figure out a math problem or balancing your check book. Maybe it's taking a course in basket weaving or mechanics. Whatever it is, you must try first before you believe that lie that you aren't smart enough.

2. You deserved that.

If something really bad just happened to you, bad relationship, you got your wallet stolen, your mind may tell you that you deserved that for whatever silly reason. You don't deserve any bad thing that has happened to you. No one does. Bad things happen to everyone all the time.

3. I can't do this.

This one probably should have been number one. Our mind loves to tell us that. It's so good at telling us this that it has us convinced we can't do lots of things. That's really just better known as fear. You can do whatever you want. Your mind doesn't want you to. You have to try new things. Is there something you think you really want to do but haven't yet because you think you can't? Go try it anyway.

4. I'll never find a man/woman to love me.

Why won't you? There's nothing wrong with you and everyone deserves love and to be loved. Stop being so hard on yourself and open your heart and mind a little more. Do you think you aren't lovable? Is that what the problem is? Someone will find you absolutely adorable. Have faith and tell your mind to shut up.

5. I'm too old for this.

The mind loves to tell us that. We aren't too old for anything, ever. If we continue to believe this lie, then we will always be too old for every thing. Age is just a number. Nothing more nothing less. There are people in their 80's and 90's completing marathons and doing crazy fun stuff like that. As long as you aren't dead, you aren't too old for anything. Keep going.

6. Nothing will ever get better.

If you have a pattern or history of struggling or shitty things seem to happen to you all the time, it's probably your mind that is causing this to continue. Your life will mirror what your mind keeps talking about. As long as you keep verbally repeating that shitty things keep happening to you, then life will prove it. Tell y our mind to simmer down and change the tune. Start telling your life that only good things happen to you and come to you every day.

7. This is too hard for me to do.

It probably is but as a toddler, learning how to walk was super hard to do too. You managed that one just fine even though it took you a million tries. You didn't give up. Your mind wants you to keep thinking that new stuff or different stuff is too hard to do or try. It's comfortable and doesn't want to learn anything new. Remember change is scary. Too bad. Try it anyway. You can decide for yourself if it was too hard or not. You may even enjoy it.

8. She/he is better than you are.

This lie keeps us from doing lots of things or having the confidence to do other things because the mind wants you to believe that someone else is better than you are, so don't even bother. Each and every one of us is gifted and talented at certain things, including you. There probably is someone who is better than you at oil painting. So what? Try it anyway. Life isn't a competition. We are all great at some things.

You are going to have to learn to tell your mind that it's time to take a back seat to your life and some decisions you need to make. Your mind doesn't have all the answers. Your gut has most of them.

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