9 Ways to Keep Your Chakras Balanced

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The chakras are the seven lines of energy that run through our body. Each chakra represents a different sort of energy. Sometimes these pathways get blocked or overly open, so in order to balance everything we need to specifically address the chakras. Here are nine different ways to help restore order to your life by balancing the chakras.

1. Learn About the Chakras

Hard to balance something when you don't have the first clue about it! Just reading about the different chakras will give you insight into the different types of energies posses. Contemplate what elements you may be lacking or have an overabundance of then consider how exactly you could strike more of a balance.

2. Take a Chakra Test or Talk to Someone Who is Well Studied in the Art 

Taking a chakra test, or even better yet, talking to someone who is well-versed in chakras, can help give you insight into how you may need to specifically work with your chakras. If you know exactly what you need to work on, you have more than halfway won the battle of balancing all of your energy!

3. Yoga

Yoga is all about enhancing the flow of energy of the chakras through the philosophy, poses and meditation practices. If you are in an urban area, you may even be able to find a workshop of series of classes focused on how to stimulate or settle all of the seven chakras.

4. Positive Affirmations 

If you know which of the chakras you need to work on, incorporating positive affirmations into your life can help stir up the energetic forces that need to be increased. Say, write or post the affirmation daily to help bring about the balance you are seeking.

5. Meditate Regularly 

Meditation naturally brings neutrality to all of energy by bringing our attention inside. When we get in touch with our inner beings, we can begin to address little bits of tension within ourselves that need some soothing.

6. Visualizations 

When meditating visualize a line of energy travelling slowly up from your pelvic floor to the crown of your head. Through the mid-line of the body is where all the lines of the chakras flow. Imagine a light gradually climbing up from the pelvis up to above the crown then back down slowly and at an even pace. If you know the color of the chakras, imagine each color of the chakra lighting up as you pass through.  You can learn more about visualizations for the chakras in this video here

7. Alter Your Diet 

What we eat determines our physical well being, but it also has a large impact on our different energies. Check out with this link to see how you can alter your diet to help balance the chakras.

8. Use Stones 

There are multiple stones and gems for each chakra that can help open, clear and heal anyone's that are weak in energy. Place the stone in the center of the chakra as you lie  on your back and meditate.

9. Experience the Elements 

To help recharge a chakra, visit the element it belongs to:
First chakra = smell/earth
Second chakra = taste/water
Third chakra = sight/fire
Fourth chakra = touch/air
Fifth chakra = hearing/sound
Sixth chakra = “sixth sense”/light

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