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7 Ways to Create a Journaling Practice That Creates Positive Energy

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Stress is a monster. From young to old, it seems to terrorize many lives. In truth, stress is a choice. We are always able to choose our reactions to people or situations. With stress however, we tend to ignore the signs for way too long, and before we know it, the monster has taken over, reeking havoc on our health, well-being, relationships, careers, and much more. But it doesn't have to be that way…

A few decades ago, I worked in an extremely high stress sales job as a Recruiter; and I was very successful at it. That success came at a high price though. The business was highly competitive and the bulk of my earnings and success were based directly on the hours I put into my work. Needless to say, it took up most of my time. Even when I wasn't at the office, I was constantly working and had very little down time.

My self-care was incredibly lacking. What little free time I had was not spent on relaxation or anything that might have a positive impact; it was spent mainly on partying and shopping as a means to cope with tremendous stress. The demands on my time combined with the enormous responsibility of continuously selling, needing to outsmart competitors and managing a team of recruiters were taking their toll on my health.

I began suffering from constant headaches, anxiety and fatigue. I knew I had to make a change to my lifestyle or things would only get worse. Leaving that career was not an option for me at that point(although a few years later, I did just that). I needed some tools to help me manage my stress while continuing with my successful sales career. I began with eating healthier, working less hours and getting dog so my husband and I could spend out free time on something more positive than partying! I was also focused on saving money to start a family, so my shopping habit ended too; but my stress didn't significantly diminish. I needed more help.

One day, while home sick from work with a painful headache, I discovered a tool that would change my life for the better going forward. While watching an episode of Oprah, I learned about the technique of journaling. This was very different from the diary I kept as a teenager, this episode focused on improving your life with the practice of gratitude; and creating a gratitude journal was a key element. I started one later that day, and have been journaling ever since.

I have come to learn that journaling is about a lot more than expressing your feelings or creativity; it's a spiritual practice that can have a positive impact on all areas of your life. The biggest benefits of journaling are the amazing affects if has on your energy vibration. Since everything is energy, and our lives are a reflection of what our own energy vibration attracts (like energy attracts like energy), having a practice that releases negative energy, and also helps us focus on positivity, is highly auspicious.

Journaling is what I like to call a "positive practice"; a simple discipline you can incorporate into your life daily (or weekly), which helps you maintain a higher vibration. Having a higher vibration is important to strive for,because it is a match for everything we want to create in our lives; optimal health, loving relationships, success, abundance, joy and peace. But journaling can be tricky, because most people don't know where to start and/or do not really enjoy writing. The first step is understanding that journaling doesn't have to be about writing, it's really more about releasing (negative energy) and focusing (on gratitude and other positive energy).

Here are 7 daily journal ideas for you to start your positive practice of journaling. Feel free to start this process with a notebook or a beautiful journal of your choosing; just make it something that inspires you to get writing.

1. Soulful Sunday:

Since we are actually all souls having a human experience, it is important to tune in to the energy of our higher selves (or souls). Our higher selves are aligned with peace, love and joy; it's where our intuitive wisdom lives and breathes. The message(s) from your higher,self can help you in many ways; from making decisions to,receiving signs about your own intuitive feelings. Ask your higher self for a message and write what comes to your mind. It's best to be in a quiet space and relaxed for this entry. Start by writing "what would my higher-self like me to know right now?" Write whatever comes to mind, or whatever you feel, uncensored; let the writing flow. You can also replace "higher-self" with angels, guides or God.

2. Manifesting Monday:

Your journal can be used to help you create your dreams and desires. Today, write about your intentions and dreams; what do you want to create in your life? You can make a plan, make a list or make up a story that reflects your vision. Get creative! Start with this prompt: "what I most want to attract into my life is_______________". Include a statement at the end asking the universe or God for help with brining your intention(s) to life; "please send me the people, resources, ideas and inspirations to bring this, or something better, to life; thank you"

3. Triumph Tuesday:

Today is about creating a huge "shout out" to yourself! If you feel uncomfortable discussing or talking about your achievements, accomplishments, accolades or successes; this journal entry is vital to your growth. If you cannot celebrate your triumphs, fully reveling in the sheer joy of what you have created, than you block the optimal flow of abundance energy in your life. This entry is designed to overcome that uneasy feeling and allow you to grow accustomed to talking about what you are able to do. Here's the prompt; "today, I am celebrating what I have accomplished with the following (make a list)".

4. Why Not Wednesday:

Today, we are going to pretend there are only possibilities; no limits whatsoever. The only limits that truly exist are the ones your believe in, so let's wipe the limiting beliefs slate clean, and write about the unlimited "why not" wishes that exist deep in your heart. When you start to give voice to what you truly want, without limitations or your current reality tied to the ideas, you start getting inspired. Start writing with this statement, "since my current reality doesn't hold me back and limits do not exist, I want to create the following opportunity or opportunities in my life ____________________". Remember, NO LIMITS; go big!

5. Thankful Thursday:

Gratitude is good. Gratitude is a form of energy; a very high vibrating energy. It is a kind of spiritual energy that is aligned with love, peace and joy. A practice of gratitude will positively impact your life in unimaginable ways if you get disciplined about it. When we strive to align our outlook and thinking with a more grateful nature, we raise our vibration and begin to create a very positive flow of energy that not only optimally changes our lives, but the lives of those around us as well. This journal entry will help you become diligently disciplined about being more thankful. You could actually use this prompt daily in conjunction with the other ones if you like; the more gratitude the better! Here is the statement to get you started; "today, I am truly thankful for ______________". Write whatever comes to mind. This is a wonderful entry to re-read on days you are struggling, stressed or generally not feeling so great.

6. Forgiveness Friday:

Blocks can be created in our lives by holding onto anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, resentment or any other negative feelings or emotions about a person, group of people or situation. This negativity can, in part, prevent us from having optimal health, harmonious relationships, our desired career, financial abundance and just about anything prosperous we want to create in our lives. Conscious awareness of the energy our emotional states can create is a vital part of self-care. Having a practice that is ongoing is to release negative energy, like stress or anger, is incredibly valuable for our overall well-being. A great thing to add to your spiritual practice, as part of your consistent self-care regimen, is the continual practice of forgiveness. This practice is about admitting your true feelings (when you have been hurt, frustrated, irritated or angered by a person or situation) and releasing toxic energy so you can move forward. It doesn't replace speaking directly with people about your feelings; it allows you to clear your energy so communication becomes easier, or unnecessary if your perspective is changed.

Start by writing any name(s) of people or situations that are currently bothering you. For each person or situation, write the following:

I am willing to release all negative feelings and emotions related to _______________(write a thorough description of your feelings, it's important to allow yourself to say the angry words and let the negative feelings out) including myself for the role I played in it.

Once your are finished, rip out the journal page and destroy it as part of the release process; burn it, rip it to shreds, toss it in the garbage or whatever you like. Get rid of that negative energy. You could use a piece(s) of paper for this if you prefer not to rip pages from your journal.

7. Self-love Saturday:

Today, write about yourself. This should be something you love about yourself. It could be a particular habit, a positive change, something from your past, or something very simple that makes your proud to be you. Start by saying "today, what I am really loving about myself is__________". Just let it flow and don't censor yourself. This,is a great entry to re-read when you are feeling insecure or low.

Now that you have your 7 daily journal ideas, you can create a very meaningful positive practice. Releasing negative energy, like stress and anger, and focusing on positive energy, like gratitude and self-love, will help you feel better, inspire you and give you a new perspective on your life. Happy writing!

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