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7 Things Successful Online Marketers NEVER Waste Time Doing

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"Time is more valuable than MONEY.
You can get more money,
but you can not get more time."
~Jim Rohn

The enthusiasm of pursuing and becoming a successful online marketer and entrepreneur can be laden with distractions as energy, enthusiasm, connections, and creativity surge.  Getting clear on what TO DO and what NOT TO DO becomes increasingly important, too, when it comes to time management.  Like many entrepreneurs, you don't have time to waste!

Discipline, commitment, and consistency with some very basic habits become an integral part of success when you understand and benefit from their massive value.  Therefore, conditioning yourself as to how you spend your time versus investing your time must become a daily (and eventually innate) part of your planning.

You'll NEVER Find Successful Online Marketers Wasting Time Doing These Things:

1.  They DON'T get sucked into things that aren’t part of the plan or schedule of the day

That means they aren't wasting time checking emails and Facebook Messenger each time new emails and messages arrive. Facebook notifications aren't bothered with either. For online marketers, this part can get a little fuzzy.  You see, it's not about how many "Likes" one comment or post generates.  NO. NO.  Keep your ego in check.  "Likes" are monitored and measured appropriately with time allocated appropriately for it.  The information from "Likes" and engagement is focused more on analyzing the RESULTS and then investing your time wisely to make adjustments and improve your online presence as you unfold as the expert and influencer that you are.

The more online presence you gain, the more your messages will increase and people will reach out to you asking for guidance (pssst…this is a good sign you're making a positive impact as an influencer).  That being said, unscheduled calls or meetings with those asking for help that wasn't a part of your original plan or your priority for the day means you're pulling time away from your greater vision.

Prepare yourself by scheduling time (one hour a day or so) to reply to messages and have pre-written emails ready to go with links back to where they can find more guidance (ie: your blogs, your programs, your Facebook page, your appointment calendar app, etc…).  If they value your guidance, then they won't mind investing in you the way you've been investing in them by providing value through your education marketing.

2. They DON'T start a day without a PLAN in place

This is NOT a laundry list of tasks and things to do.  Instead, this is ONE, TWO, or even THREE TOP priority things to accomplish THAT DAY.  They write things down and break down the big picture into smaller bites to accomplish each day. 

This can take the edge off of overwhelm and running on empty when you know you've completed what you've set out to do each day.  In fact, you'll find that more gets done (and done well) because you've not polluted your day with an endless list of tasks.

3.  They DON'T do emotionally draining things (that includes engaging with emotionally draining people)

Never under pressure, successful online marketers know the difference between people who drain your energy, people who only like to socialize, and people who network.  Networking is essential when you understand the win-win that comes out of it by way of education, support, and partnerships (all of which lead to business growth).

They are OK pausing and waiting to reply to things without feeling the pressure of having to say YES to every invitation.  They also feel good saying NO to the things that don't align with their vision, mission, and passion. 

Creating good and healthy boundaries is a must to keep emotionally draining things/people at bay.  By taking these actions, they make themselves a PRIORITY and never put themselves LAST.  They know that self nurture is vital fuel to achieving the greater vision.

4.  They DON'T overthink or worry about the things they can’t control

Why bother?  What does it achieve?  Does worrying lend to creating and realizing your greater vision? Instead, they INVEST in the things and activities that move them TOWARD their greater vision. 

5.  The DON'T dwell on mistakes

Mistakes are never mistakes…but rather, valuable lessons they learned. Successful entrepreneurs have learned the art of taking action quickly and also FAILING QUICKLY.   They use the FAIL as a value-add and incorporate what they’ve learned to POSITIVELY MOVE FORWARD BETTER AND STRONGER because of it.  

Each new action moving forward stands a better chance at having successful results because of what they've learned from past failures.

6.  They DON'T live in clutter

Decluttering is essential and correlated to clarity (important for taking appropriate actions or response-ABILITY for your business).  Clutter can include small talk, a messy desk and/or living environment, and constant interruptions.

Small talk wastes a lot of time and doesn't correlate with plans set for the day (#2).  A messy desk (and desktop) makes finding important information and documents difficult (another time waster and stressor).

Many successful entrepreneurs adhere to strict dress and meal plans, too, so that they save time on decision making—saving time on deciding what to wear and what to eat.  For example, Steven Jobs was known for his jeans and black turtlenecks and Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg for his hoodie and jeans.

Routines and specific meal plans remove clutter and create even MORE TIME time for you to do the things that matter.  If you know it takes 15 minutes to eat breakfast every morning, then every day you can plan even better knowing this and adhere to the rituals and routines with the respect they deserve and the value of time it's giving you for building and growing of your business.

7.  They DON'T Multi-task

Nothing gets done well if you only give a portion of your attention to it.  Successful entrepreneurs are efficient and perform better focused on one task at a time.  For the online marketer…this is essential as distraction from social media (#1) can have a negative impact if you're not careful, conscientious, and purposeful with it.

Programs like Your Digital Formula help you manage the vast sea of social media DOs and DON'Ts by helping you know where to focus your own energy, effort and time on the things that matter most to building your online business and influence.  It's why the #Bravehearts reach over 100 million people worldwide AND still grow their business.

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