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7 Surefire Ways to Create a Life Full of Happiness

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It's long been said that happiness is an inside job and no truer words have ever been spoken. Unfortunately far too many people are searching for happiness at some arbitrary point in the future. They go looking for it in their next job, partner, exciting vacation, etc. all the while missing the very powerful place where happiness is created…in the present moment.

Here are seven surefire ways to create a life of happiness starting right now.

1. Take a chance & do what you love.

It sounds a bit cliché, but it's true.   We are quickly moving out of the "˜work hard now so you can play harder later' era as more and more people take a chance to do what they love. Whether you do it as a full-time career or allow it to be your hobby, give yourself permission to simply do the things you love without worrying about how or if   it will work out.   Do what you love simply because you love it. Honestly is there any better reason?

7_ways_happiness2. Learn to love yourself.

This is something we could all use a bit more of and yet self-love seems to be one of the toughest things to learn.   The truth is you will always be your own worst critic, but you also have many amazing attributes and gifts you bring to the world.   Notice them, cultivate them, and take note of the brilliance you have within.   When you allow yourself to do that, you naturally become a happier person.

3. Make self-care a priority.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us are struggling to find time to care for some of our very basic needs.   Your body is an amazing gift that allows you to experience all that life has to offer and there is no joy in feeling over-tired, burnt out, and sluggish.   Take the time to eat right, drink water, exercise and give your mind, body, and soul what it needs to thrive even if you don't feel you have the time to do so.   A healthy body helps to create a happy life.

4. Master your mindset.

The thoughts you think every day hold more power that you know and when you are constantly engaging in negative self-talk or focusing on what's not working out, you are much less likely to see and feel the joy all around you.   Not only that, but your mindset actually creates your reality.   Whether you use affirmations, mantras, or keep a gratitude journal, it's imperative to keep your mindset positive so you attract more peace, joy, and happiness into your life, because who doesn't want more of that?

5. Know and own your worth.

There are far too many people in the world (women in particular) who are settling for a life that is less than they desire, simply because they feel unworthy.   The truth is there is nothing you need to do to be worthy and deserving of a happy life.   By simply being alive with air in your lungs and a desire in your heart, you are worthy and capable of every dream or aspiration you have. When you know and own your worth in every breath, thought, and feeling, your life will transform in ways you never thought possible and you will experience amazing joy and happiness.

6. Know what you want and believe it is possible.

It's one thing to have a desire, but in order your vision become reality you must first believe it is possible.   Much like number four, believing in yourself and your dreams is a huge part of living a happy life.   When you set out to achieve your dreams and you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will, magic happens.   Keep the magic alive in your life and always shoot for the stars.

7. Be open to the unexpected magic of life.

It can be easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of everyday life, but what about the unexpected magic that life has to offer?   Whether it shows up through random acts of kindness, unexpected gifts, or synchronistic events, life is full of amazing magic and wonder if you are open to see and experience it.   Live your life through the eyes of a child every once in awhile and I guarantee, life will get exponentially better.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and if your life isn't currently all that you'd hoped, remember you have the power to change it.

Let's keep the conversation going.   Is there something that you do to create a life full of happiness that I missed?   Share it in the comments below!

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