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The Addiction that is harming us the most and 3 easy ways to detox from it.

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Brace yourself. I'm about to say it. You already sort of have a feeling what this article is about. Or do you? What has taken over the world and why do you need to be saved from it? Nicotine? Oxy? Meth? Prescription drugs? Negative. None of the above. The very sad thing is that the addiction that has taken over isn't even anything you consume orally.

Social media

Cell phones, mobile apps, smart watches, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram.   We have become addicted to technology and social media and any other device that connects us to our people and entertainment around the world.

small group of people using cellphones together.

When did this happen? When did our world suddenly get taken over by handheld devices that at one time were invented to simplify communications and h ave now become an epidemic? I often wonder if the inventors of these gadgets knew that one day we would become tech zombies, cutting ourselves off from the outside world and becoming lost in a world of texts, tweets and snap chats. We have little interaction with the outside world anymore and why should we anyway? We can talk to as many people as we want from the comforts of our home with the click of a button. It truly is amazing though it has become a little out of control.

Are you consumed with your cellphone and keeping up with Twitter and Facebook? Checking in every 15 minutes whether you need to or not? Are you forgetting the outside world? Let's have a look at why we do this and then we'll fix it, once and for all. Di d you know that addictions occur because of psychological issues we have buried deep down inside? So deep in fact, you probably didn't even realize you suffered from them.

1. You scroll mindlessly and constantly. Why? Because there is shit that you have to do and don't want to do and you keep putting it off. Besides, Twitter is far more exciting right now and with tweets coming in at the speed of light, how can you put this down now anyway? Procrastination is the reason for your social media addiction. The fix? Take an hour out of your day to do the things you need to do today. Just one hour. Put you r phone down, far away down, and go do your thing. It will be hard to do this but with practice, it will get easier and you will eventually have no trouble putting it down and doing things. You may even enjoy it.

2. You don't want to miss a thing. It's sort of like a party all day every day. The pace is fast and exciting. Why would you want to miss any of this? But what's the real reason? Many of us suffer low self-esteem and feel awkward in real life social settings. Being connected with social media is a great way to still interact with people and yo u don't have to deal with your esteem issues. But you should. And you know you should. The fix? Try going out for a coffee or dinner with a friend or two. Choose close friends first who you a re really comfortable with and you know will help you and have your best interest at heart. These friends could quite possibly give your self- esteem a boost so that you will feel better about yourself.

3. Sharing is caring. Well yes, it is. You love sharing recipes, and pictures of wedding gowns and hairstyles and the latest fall trends in home design. The more you share, the more you feel accepted and appreciated by your social media network and world. The problem here is your insecurity and loneliness in your real life world. You feel popular and well liked/accepted by the things you share. Suddenly you matter. The fix? Try sharing real life things with neighbours, friends and co-workers. Snip flowers for the elderly lady next door or bake cookies for the women's shelter. How about buying a cup of coffee t o the next person in line at the coffee shop. There are so many more ways to share that can help you with your self-worth and your loneliness too. Doing kind things for strangers for ms relationships. Meaningful ones at that.

Admitting that you have a social media addiction is half the battle really. Once you know you have one, the next step is to figure out why and what you can do about it. There's hope and there's a beautiful huge world out there too. Face your addiction, detox and cure and then be free. Finally.

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