5 reasons why successful people don't change their clothes every day

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Can you even imagine that for one minute? Successful, and most likely wealthy, people wearing the same outfit more than two days in a row. They probably have enough money to buy a designer suit for every day of the year. Did you notice the man from the bank wearing a nice blue suit every day this week? Chances are it's the same blue suit.

There are 3 categories of successful people and their attires.

The ones that have more clothes than they know what do with and huge walk in closets filled to the rafters. Some of their clothes may even still have the tags on them. They have a pair of matching shoe s for each suit. Then there are the ones that have just enough nice outfits and an equally nice rack of shoes. They have a comfortable and nice selection. And then there are the ones that really couldn't ca re less how big their wardrobe is. In fact, it's pretty small and they make it work. Shoes and all. They still look sharp as a tack and the best part? You'd never know they had the same clothes on yesterday.

5_reasons_clothesSo let's have a look at this latter group. Why don' t they follow or care about the fashion trends of t heir colleagues? What makes them different from the rest ? Some of the reasons may surprise you. Here are the top 5.

1. Time well spent on more productive things.

Instead of staring into their vast closet for half an hour wondering what the heck colour they should wear today, they can spend that time on other far more important tasks or have that much more time to spend with a loved one . To stare blankly into a closet doesn't excite them. They know time is precious and valuable and to waste half an hour in their closet is simply ridiculous to them. Those pants from yesterday are perfectly fine and the next shirt hanging in the closet match es perfectly. Dressed in 3 minutes. Perfect.

2. Decisions decisions.

They would rather have a root canal then have to lo ok at 300 different outfits and choose one. Though successful people are good at making decisions, it's not so much fun when it's trying to decide what to wear for the day. It's frustrating to them and not a great way to start any work day. Grabbing the same dress from yesterday and pairing it up with a different scarf works just as well.

3. Less stuff please.

Some successful people can actually border on being minimalists. They have better things to spend their money on than more stuff, especially clothes and shoes. Successful people like to give back to their communities and other charities. They would rather give $1000 to the children's camp for less fortunate than buy another suit.

4. Looks aren't everything.

Well, yes and no. Sure we still want to look good and maintain a professional image but at what expense? These successful people can easily pull it off without the need to own 40 suits, 75 dresses, 55 skirts, well you get the idea. They can still look polished and professional with the same thing they wore yesterday. They don't need to catch your attention with a different coloured suit or dress e very single day.

5. More money for fun things or savings.

The money they save from not having to pick up 5 days' worth of clothes at the dry cleaners each week is enough to have a nice evening of entertaining with the family or to put in a little savings account in order to enjoy a nice yearly vacation. Maybe it's a newer vehicle they have in mind. The money saved can go towards a new car purchase or whatever their heart desires. They understand the value of money and don't feel the need to spend money on huge weekly cleaning bills.

In this crazy world of consumerism and who has the nicest wardrobe, it's easier than you think to adopt the less is more mindset. I'm not a showy fancy kind of man. My wardrobe is simple and that's all I need. If you feel you have more than you need perhaps it' s time to do the check and chuck ritual. The clothes you own but don't wear any more could quite possibly help a young man or woman that has just lost everything to a house fire and need work clothes. Think about that next time you look at that suit and realize you haven't worn it in ages and probably don't even need it anymore

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