7 Steps To Create Positive Energy During A Bad Day

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We all experience bad days at least once in a while. You name it: being sick, failing an objective, doing something stupid, or getting rejected and embarrassed.

Take me for an example. I have experienced some interesting stuff lately. My business was preforming under expectation. I started experiencing health problems. And one of my worst-case scenarios materialized.

7_steps_to_create_positive_energy_during_a_bad_dayIt would have been easy to hide and hope for a better tomorrow. But hiding is the behavior of a coward. Neither will it solve your problems, nor will it strengthen your character.

Your behavior during a bad day forms your character way stronger than your behavior during a good day. If you let negative events and emotions determine your behavior, you will soon experience tons of bad days.

Whenever you hit rock bottom, you have to fight back. You have to put your game face on and make your back straight.

Here's how I do it!

1. Take a Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower is a tremendous shock for your complete body. The cold water puts your body into survival mode. It's you against the cold water.

Your mind has no energy left to worry about your day-to-day problems. The cold water forces your mind into the present moment.

Your victory against the cold water will reset your day to zero. You will feel proud and energized. You will be ready to tackle the rest of your day.

2. Do Something Dangerous

Doing something dangerous will release adrenaline and positive feelings. You will feel euphoric and alive. Your negative thoughts will be blown away.

You don't need to climb a rock or jump out of a plane to get this rush. Your activity only needs to feel dangerous. Breaking some social conventions is already enough.

Do something that you normally wouldn't do; something your mom wouldn't endorse.

Approach a girl on the street. Do some push-ups in the shopping mall. Scream as loud as you can. Walk outside without wearing shoes.

Be creative.

3.  Challenge Your Body

Have you ever seen a fit person being sad and negative while lifting heavy or scoring a goal? I haven't.

Sport puts your attention away from your problems to the movements of your body. While you are running or lifting heavy, you have no time to worry about your problems.

It doesn't matter what sport you perform as long as it moves your complete body. Hit the gym, play tennis, do yoga"¦

4.  Go Into Nature

Go for a long walk to a park, lake, or whatever else is available. Sit down on a bench for twenty minutes and observe what is happening around you.

Forget about yourself and focus on the nature. Watch the sky, the trees, and the birds. Breath deep while observing what is happening around you.

The beauty of nature will put a grin to your face. It will put things into perspective for you. You will realize how silly your negative feelings are.

5. Laugh

How many times have you laughed today? Laughing is medicine for your body. It reduces stress and releases endorphins.

Reanimate the child in you and laugh; a child laughs about 200 times a day.

Watch comedy or something else that is funny for you. Surf the Internet for funny pictures and stories.

Meet some happy friends and joke around with them; laugh about life and yourself.

Do whatever makes you laugh.

6. Be Busy And Stay Away From Negative People

By now you've forced yourself into a good mood. Keep it that way!

Stay away from all negative people. Don't give them a chance to tear you down. Be hard to yourself and everybody else. Surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with people who value the hard-earned grin on your face.

Having things going on is the best prevention against negativity. It keeps you from over thinking your life. Write a blog post about a hobby. Work on your side business. Spend some time with a hobby. Help a friend out.

7. Solve Your Problems

Use your newfound energy and enthusiasm to solve your problems. Nobody will solve them for you. Do what it takes!

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