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5 Things To Do When You Feel Your Energy Has Been Sucked Out Of You

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You've had this happen before. More than once. You've been to a party or a gathering where there were numerous people there and each and every one of them sucked a little bit more out of you than you would have liked. They were time vampires and you were a wonderful sieve for them to draw from. The trouble is, you are home now and exhausted. Not only exhausted but you feel heavy, very heavy, and you're not really sure why.

The heaviness you feel is simple other people's energies and it's time to let them go. Release them if you will. You've been carrying them long enough. When we pick up on other people's energies, and I must say that not everyone can, but for those of you who can, it is easy to block energies. For others? Not so much. We take it all in and by the end of the night we're done. We've picked up almost everyone we've come in contact with, the good the bad and the ugly.

So what do we do now? How can we dump this energy or better yet, can't we just shield from all this? You can shield yourself, indeed, by imagining a shield all around you, choose whatever material you like, and keep it securely around you so no one can break through it. Easy way to shield yourself. So if you have trouble shielding, what do we do with all this toxic energy?

negative_energy_11. Breath deep.

For as long as you have to. Breath in good energy, breath out the bad. Sounds simple because honestly it really is. All you are wanting to do at this moment is simply get rid of the negative energy. All you have to do is blow it out through y our mouth into cyber space. This way too, that energy won't hurt anyone else that night either.

2. Ignore.

Sounds kind of mean actually to just ignore the person you are with but really it's not. You're in the same room, you're listening, sort of, you're just not engaging as much as they would like you to. It's all good. You engage as much as you want and when they get into negative energy mode you can either politely walk away or diplomatically ask them to change topics. No one deserves to hear shit like, all the time.

3. Isolate yourself.

An hour, a day, a week a month. However long it will take you, do it. Spend time alone to get all their energy out of you so you don't come across as an angry person to all your friends and family. Spend time alone listening to Zen like music, reading, or anything else nice and quiet. Just be with you, in the moment and zone out.   This will be a great clearing exercise too.

4. Smudge.

You don't just have to smudge your space; you can also smudge your body too. Sometimes that's very necessary to do. When we take in too much energy from others around us, especially after a large event or party, the only way to cleanse yourself from all that is a full out smudging ceremony with your whole body. You will feel a mil lion times better. If the event happened to be at your place, then by all means, smudge your house too . It definitely won't hurt.

5. Reach out.

To a friend, that one trusted friend you have who totally gets you and is always just a phone call away. That one friend that has been there from elementary school to the birth of your first born. They get you. You need them. Call them. Sometimes just talking it out helps to release all the negative vibes that are sitting inside of you. When we talk it out we can hear ourselves discussing it and realize that some things we picked up on, are about us, not them.

No one likes to have the energy sucked out of us and some of us don't even realize it is happening until too late. Before you pollute everyone else's energy, clear your own. You'll feel a million times better after too!

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