7 Reasons To Encourage Men To Pee Sitting Down

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Okay, I'm going to get a little personal here and I know a lot of you will be put off by talking about going to the toilet.  I also know that a lot of men will take the piss out of me for what I am about to write (no I'm not going to pardon the pun, I hate that).

For the last few years I now find it much more comfortable and better for me when I pee sitting down.  I think it started when I came home drunk one night and had to pee in the dark, and I knew that whilst my aim is normally good, it might be just a little off target when I was inebriated, and I knew it was one of those longs pees (the kind you get when your bladder is so full it actually starts to hurt), it was also one of those ones that was soooooo good when it all came flooding out, you know what I mean, you just have to say 'ahhhhhhhhhhh….'

Anyway I digress.  I peed sitting down, and remember thinking 'Ah! this is so much better than standing up'  And also now that I am getting a little older, my bladder is not behaving itself as it should and when I go to the toilet standing up, I finish up, give a little wiggle to make sure it's all done, zip myself up, only to find that there's a sneaky little volume of pee still left, and I quickly unzip and try and force that last drop out. Inevitably it never fully comes out and there's the little dribble that comes when you walk out the bathroom (not time for the Kanga pants yet though).

I kept this to myself for a while, and then I seen a program on TV about it, and I blurted out to my wife and sons, 'Oh, I pee sitting down' , you can imagine the funny looks I got and the laughter from my sons that followed.

I found out a few benefits for myself whilst peeing sitting down, so I did a little research and was shocked at all the literature out there on this (hardly any)  So I decided to write an article about it.

If you're male then pay heed, if you're a female reading this, please pass this onto the men in your life

7 Reasons To Encourage Men To Pee Sitting Down

1. Hit the target 100% of the time

Okay, that is the most obvious benefit, but a huge benefit for all concerned.  No longer having to get that little bit of toilet paper just to clean where you went off target, or more likely where you have to clean up after your sons who don't give two figs if there's a target there or not, as long as the toilet bowl is in the same room they'll pee anywhere.

2. It can help ward of prostrate problems

In 2014 researchers at the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands found that sitting down to pee helped men suffering from Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms to pee with greater force. Sitting creates "a more favourable urodynamic profile", which helps ward off prostate problems.

I have to say I have found this, and rather than that little dribble being left at the end of a standing pee, no more little dribbles whilst sitting down.

3. Men who sit whilst peeing have a longer healthier sex life

Ah!  that got your attention didn't it.  Well apparently it's true.

Standing to wee, apparently activates a host of discreet muscles in the pelvis and spine which prevent proper urination( Telegraph) , and without a full evacuation this can lead to prostrate problems, which leads to less and less sex over time.

(UPDATE) This is apparently a load of bull and that little tactic of info was used as a way to encourage men, in some European countries, to sit down more often whilst peeing. (RealScience)

4. It's more relaxing

Now, it's not like one of those times when you go for a…. how do I say it….dump, when you have a good book, and you're settling in for 15 minutes, it's just a quick sit, relax and back up.

5. No more penis fly catcher

Yep, most men have experienced getting their dangly bits caught in their zip and believe me it's not a pleasant experience.

6. Much easier to answer an email sitting down

Sad but true.  Who hasn't taken their phone or tablet to the toilet and killed two birds with one stone, and answered an email whist going to the toilet.  Come to think of it, I wrote part of this article sitting down on the toilet (only kidding 🙂 (actually I'm not)

7. 49% of Men in Japan Pee sitting down

Eh so what! Well, no real reason to put that in there except to add a 7th point.

Seriously, peeing sitting down or standing up is a cultural thing, it's a personal choice. I like to pee sitting down, I'm PROUD, I'm still tough, I'm still a man, I can still wrestle a lion and punch an alligator in the jaw, just because I pee sitting down doesn't make me less of a man (Disclaimer:  No Lions or Alligators were injured whilst writing this article, mainly 'cause I was peeing at the time).

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