7 Fun Ways To Take A Vacation When You Can't

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Don't we all wish we could jet off to some tropical paradise island for two weeks and sip pina coladas by the ocean while listening to a mariachi band. Or maybe your wish is to climb a volcano in Central America. Perhaps your dream vacation would be downhill skiing on the world's longest hill. Whatever your dream vacation may be, it's damn beautiful but sadly at the moment totally unattainable for whatever reason.

Life gets in the way, work, family, bills, finances. For whatever reason, we simply can't have that dream vacation. Maybe not this year, maybe next year. It's anyone's guess really. So what can we do in the meantime? How can we possibly bring our dream vacation, or any vacation really, into reality without actually going away? Keep an open mind. Remember this is fun.

travel_home1. Get on the bus to nowhere.

Go to a totally different area of your city that you have never been to or perhaps a little town just outside your city and explore. Maybe they have a nice beach you haven't been to or a great movie theater. Get off the bus and act like a tourist. Talk to the people in the neighbourhood and immerse yourself in all the different parks, stores, streets etc.

2. Put on a Beach Boys CD and call some friends over.

Make some fruity drinks, with or without alcohol, grab your sandals, sunglasses and all other beach paraphernalia and have a beach party. You can even rent a small hall or school gymnasium and do this twice a year with the people in your community. It can certainly be a blast.

3. Grab your binoculars, your hiking boots a bottle of water and go find the biggest mountain in your area.

If a mountain climbing adventure is your idea of a great vacation then it's possible where you live, provided you have big mountains. If not, go to a city nearest you that does. Tell everyone you are going to mountain climbing, for safety reasons and also let them know where you are going, and maybe even bring a sleeping bag and camp overnite.

4. Spend the evening surfing the net.

Go to all the vacation hotspots online and plan your trip as if you are going. Maui, Venice, Ireland, New York. Go to all the attractions, watch the videos, plan and dream. Nothing wrong with doing that and it may make you kick so me plan into action so you actually can go away next year.

5. Where's the party?

Somewhere in your town there is a community party going on for something. Go and attend it. Maybe it's a theme party. Those are the best. Grab a friend or two and go have some fun. It will be completely foreign to you so you will meet new people and have fun like you are on vacation.

6. Host a fancy dinner party like they have on cruise ships.

Have everyone bring something tropical and unique and make sure they put on their best dress. Suit up and get dazzling. You can decorate your house with some super glamorous items from the dollar store or you can make your own. Put some jazz music on and away you go. You'll feel like you are in the main dining hall on a Carnival Cruiseline.

7. Movies, karaoke, games night.

You choose. Call up some friends and organize an evening like you've never had before. Music, laughter, drinks, games, singing, wii games, whatewer strikes your fancy. Be creative. Let loose and have fun. Act like nothing matters and no one cares. This is your vacation. they can dress up in theme style clothes or bring pj's and have an overnight party. Sleepover anyone?

The possibilities really are endless as long as you bring your imagination and keep an open mind. Maybe next year a real vacation away will be in the cards. Until then, make your own at home.

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