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19 Confidence Boosting Positive Affirmations

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Confidence is such an integral part of a human being’s life. Having confidence, or lacking it, determines how a person perceives the world and how that person is perceived by the world. An individual who trusts his talents and skills will result to people respecting his words, judgment, and actions. That is why it is believed that people who are confident are those who will most likely to succeed. On the other hand, a person who lacks self-esteem is often doubted, questioned and less respected than their confident peers.

Confidence is a learned behaviour and can be increased.  It can also diminish if you stop believing in yourself.  We've all had periods in our life when we felt a lot more confident than normal and all had periods when our confidence has crashed.  So trying to keep our confidence levels high can become a bit tiresome.

If you think you need a help in that department (boosting confidence), listed below are positive affirmations that will help make you believe in yourself again. These words if repeatedly read and recited will have a great impact on your subconscious and will effectively boost your self-esteem.

One caveat is that you really need to believe in positive affirmations in order for you to have the motivation to try them out.

Try these ones out for 21 days only and see what difference it makes in your life.


 19 Confidence Boosting Positive Affirmations


I am naturally confident

I exude confidence

I always feel great

I never doubt my judgments

I always trust the choices and decisions I make

I grow more confident everyday

I am a trustworthy person

People believe in me

People love me, because I love myself first

People respect me, because I respect myself first

People are infected with my confidence

I love and accept myself

I appreciate myself

I celebrate my successes

I am well-loved and well-respected

I am a very special and unique person

I assert and stand-up for what I believe in

I always go after what I want in life

There is no challenge I cannot handle

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