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5 Useful Ways to Deal With Rejection

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"If you change the way you look at things you will change the things you see" ~ Wayne Dyer

We are all faced with rejection at some point in our lives and this can break our spirit and hurt us in a way that is not always seen or heard.   What I have learned in my life's journey is that failure rejection self-discovery is all a big part of our life's labyrinth we just have to find kick ass ways to cope.

Rejection can be the ultimate Debbie Downer if you let it and prevent you from moving forward or trying again. In my personal life I have been faced by rejections in my pursuit of love, career, and writing. I avoided trying out things that I liked after getting that ugly rejection speech when the person is not interested in your hard work. What I found is that nobody can take anything away from you what is rightfully yours and everyone will not like what you have to offer; that is definitely O.K.

deal_with_rejectionRejections can play tricks on our mindset when we allow "NO" to symbolize something negative or bad. If we are not in awareness our self-worth and skillset can be challenged. Although we would like to receive a "YES" in all the things we pursue they both hold weight to our growth potential and how we perceive and receive information.

Look at things differently for a minute and open yourself to the idea that rejection or its equivalent is just simply data. What do we do with data? We analyze it and find out information to make better decisions.
While rejection may never be an easy pill for you to swallow I have for you here 7 Useful Ways To Deal With Rejection

1. Don't take it personally– Rejections are rarely personal they tend to have to do with the other person and their own needs. Release the need to control the outcome and continue in your pursuit of happiness.

2. Accept it– Be kind to yourself and keep giving your best knowing rejections are a part of the process.

3. Focus on what you have to offer– Put your time and energy in what makes you better and surround yourself with the people who appreciate your worthiness.

4. Learn from the rejection "“Use the information wisely and grow from it. Do not criticize yourself analyze the information and leverage from it.

5. Keep moving forward– Allow yourself space for rejection and keep moving forward. You are equipped with a great knowledge base the more NO's you encounter. Let rejection be your best tool for growth and continue to develop into the best version of yourself.

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