6 Ways To Relax In Under 6 Minutes

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Let's face it. Life is fast and furious. So many things going on all day every day. Kids, work, TV, drama, friends, appliance or car breakdown, relationship issues, the list goes on and on. When does it stop or slow down? Before you know it, another month has escaped you and you have no idea what you did or if you even enjoyed it. Your stress levels just reached an all time high again as you flip the calendar. Another month of go go go.

So many of us operate at this ridiculous speed and forget to slow down. We feel that if we go like a mad hatter we get more accomplished and feel somewhat victorious. All at a high cost. Our mental and physical health and exhaustion. It's very important to take some time throughout the day and just chill out. If you don't know how to do that or still struggle, here are 6 simple ways to Zen out.

how_to_relax_in_less_than_a_minuteTurn it off.

All of it. Phones, computer monitor, iPad and every other electronic gadget you are attached to. Shut it down. Take 5 minutes to sit quietly with no outside distractions. No emails, no bosses calling (they can call back), and close your eyes. If you happen to have a really fantastic view from your window, look outside. Breath in the silence, take it all in and enjoy it. You'll see 5 minutes may turn to 10.


In and out. Many times. Slowly and easily. Once you have unplugged or if you are sitting after work in your favourite chair, take a few moments to be in the present, and breathe. From here you can breathe in good energy and blow out all the events from the day. All the triggers and stressors. Get rid of them. this may take some practice but getting it right isn't important, doing it is. You will eventually find a groove that resonates with you.

Talk to yourself.

Use your words to calm yourself down. Who cares if anyone is listening? It's your Zen time and you need to chill out. So tell yourself it's time to calm down. Tell yourself that all that craziness going on in your head right now needs to stop, if only for 5 or 10 minutes. If you prefer to whisper to yourself, that's great too. the softness of your voice will quickly calm you down. Want to shout instead? That will surely snap you out of busy-ness and put you into a forced state of calm. Perfect.

Maestro, music please.

Dig out that classical cd and tune into it for a few minutes. Train your brain and ears to listen to the softness and calmness of it. After a few minutes it will naturally listen. Take it in. The piano, the flute, tune into each instrument and revel in its beauty. If there is other music that does this for you, then put that on but no lyrics, only instrumental. No distracting words.

Put the kettle on.

For some people, just putting on a pot of boiling water for tea is calming all in itself. Just knowing that in two minutes you will be sipping a nice steamy mug of herbal (yes herbal) tea instantly calms our minds. There is just something about herbal tea. Make it chamomile or a light vanilla flavour. The aroma will soothe your frazzled nerves in seconds.

Hello couch.

When was the last time you plopped your arse on the couch with no TV on, no cell phone, soft music and a nice mug of herbal tea? All sounds extremely therapeutic to me. Have a favourite cozy chair with a pillow and a blanket? Go chill out there for a few minutes. Schedule this on to your daily planner and do it. Make time for you. Make an appointment to do this like you would a doctor's appointment. And stick to it.

Make more time for you so you can be a better version of you for the real world and everyone else in it. You can't pour from an empty cup and if you run yourself to the ground, you're done. Take time for you. You deserve it.

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