6 Signs It's Time To Take Better Care Of Yourself

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You eat healthy, you get to the gym when you can, you live a relatively balanced life. Or so it seems. You try to do everything according to the experts on the internet, yet something still isn't right.   You wish you had the energy and vitality of your best friend. You have no clue what happened to your sex drive. These are only two of the signs that are in your face telling you it's time to take care of you, but you keep ignoring them.

I don't have time for"¦.How many of you say this almost every day. There's no time. I'm too busy. When can I possibly fit that in. If you find yourself saying this more often than not, then it's definitely time for you to take heed and start taking care of yourself. Here are a few other signs. See if you recognize yourself in any of them. If you do, well, you know.

self_care3Lashing out all the time.

Are you guilty of this? Do you find you are always lashing out at your friends and/or family members? This is a clear sign you have reached your breaking point. You're done. There's no more room inside of you and you are boiling over. When we have too much going on inside, everything is a trigger to an emotional outburst. It's time to put you first.

So tired.

All the time. You are overworked, stressed out, running around like a headless chicken and by midday you are pooched. Then you still have the last half of the day to endure. By nightfall, you are asleep before your head even hits the pillow. The next day it's rinse and repeat. Time to check that calendar of yours and start making some room for you. A chill out time. You are in desperate need.

Unexplainable weight loss or gain.

This will happen if you are too busy to eat right or too busy to eat at all. It's possible, however, that this could be caused by a more serious underlying medical condition but once the doctor does rule this out, then it's a clear sign it's time to take care of you. Eat right, eat often but be balanced. Your body is freaking out and wants and needs more stability and more a balanced diet. Remember our body runs on fuel and that fuel is food. Bad fuel, bad conditions.

Oops I forgot.

Again. You are getting way too forgetful these days. Why? Because you aren't taking the time to take in important tasks, like taking care of yourself and your day is too full with taking care of everything else. The end result is forgetting things. Sometimes very important things. take time for you but maybe get a little recorder or a note pad and start jotting things down. On that list, make sure to pencil in time for you.

So much clutter.

Your house is a mess. Plain and simple. Dishes are piled high, laundry has been neglected, and what's that smell coming out of the fridge? You simply don't have time to look after your things. Be careful here though. The more cluttered your physical world is, the more cluttered your emotional world will be as well. Take a day or even an hour or two and start cleaning up your space. Once it is done, you will feel a million times better.

Don't cry!

Are those emotional outbursts you are having often followed by tears? Many tears? Do you find yourself just crying for no reason and wonder why you are such an emotional disaster? It's time to have a me day. You are tapped out. Boiled over, breaking point exploded and you are done. Find some time for you, just you and do it at least twice a week, more if you can. It's time.

We get so busy in our lives trying to please everyone we often forget ourselves but remember, you are the most important of them all. Really.

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